Steps to remove or uninstall Over the Range Microwave

Over the Range microwave are becoming more popular and trendy than countertop microwave because they provide more space, giving the people a wider kitchen. But the problem with over the range microwave is that if it gets damaged you have to replace it, you just cannot toss it like countertop microwave. You have to uninstall the microwave and replace it which is fairly easy. Here we are going to learn about How to remove over the range microwave.

How to remove Over the Range Microwave?

Over the Range Microwaves are heavier than countertop microwave. If it falls down it damages your kitchen and even you can get injured. So we should be careful while removing an over the range microwave.

How to remove Over the Range Microwave image
How to remove Over the Range Microwave image

How to uninstall Over the Range Microwave?

Over the Range Microwave hangs above your kitchen and helps you in providing a lot of free space. If your microwave oven is broken or if you want to replace it with a new one, then you can easily remove over the range microwave by yourself just by undoing some screws. Once the microwave oven is unsecured just lift it carefully and take out away from the wall. Now you will have space for a new microwave. Below are some of the steps regarding how to uninstall over the range microwave.

Removing the top screws

  • Pull an electric range out from the wall and then disconnect the supply of power. If you have a connection of gas stove then pull your range out little in order to expose the valve and gas hose. Before loosening the hose with a wrench and pulling the range out, turn off the stove. To access the microwave without any obstruction use a step ladder safely.
  • Unplug the microwave oven from the outlet: Open the cabinets of microwave and locate the place of the outlet where it is plugged in. Then unplug the microwave. Once you unplug it, feed the cord between the hole present in the bottom of the cabinet. So that when you try to pull it out it does not get caught. Before moving the microwave be very sure that the microwave is unplugged so that you do not get an electric shock.
  • Unscrew the mounting screws located at the top of your microwave: Find the screws located at the bottom of the cabinet connecting to the top of the microwave oven. Give support by placing the hand underneath the microwave so that it won’t fall down. To turn the screws use an electric screwdriver. Remember that always take the help of someone while removing an over the range microwave so that it does drop down.

Taking out the microwave

  • Tilt or bend the microwave forward on mounting bracket: The mounting bracket will help to hold the back of microwave on the wall. With the help of both hands, hold the front of microwave so it does not fall down. Begin to tilt the microwave forward so that the tabs on the bracket get loosen. Keep on tilting the microwave until it is at the position of 30 degrees angle. If the microwave is too heavy then try to take the help of someone. So the process carefully or else the microwave will pull the bracket off from the wall and it gets damaged if you let to go.
  • Lift the microwave slowly and slightly to take it out from the wall: give support to microwave from underneath and lift it slightly in order to pop the tabs from mounting brackets and getting it out from the bottom of the microwave. As you are lifting the microwave slowly move back until you get the microwave out from the cabinet.
  • Unscrew the mounting bracket with the help of screwdrivers from the wall: the mounting bracket is attached to the wall with the help of 3 to 4 screws. Remove the screws with the help of electric screws drives and take off the mounting bracket from the wall. Do not try hanging the new microwave on the existing bracket. Because generally, new microwave comes with their own mounting bracket. So it is not necessary to store the old mounting brackets.

By following the above steps remove over the range microwave carefully and safely. Take help of someone because it will be heavier. Handling alone may cause damage to the floor. It may even injure you if you cannot hold it properly and making it fall down. Removing an over the range microwave will be easy if you find out all the places where screws are located. You just need to unscrew them with the help of electric screws drivers. For more info, keep visiting regularly.

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