Sharp SMO1854DS Over the Range Microwave Oven – A Contemporary Addition to your Kitchen

People with cravings for sweets, cakes, or other baked food cannot resist using an oven at home. A regular microwave oven is one that not only should give you excellent quality performance but also should add beauty to our cozy and warm kitchen. Such a device has been put to sale from Sharp. The Sharp 1.8 cu ft stainless steel microwave oven can be the perfect example to satisfy your needs. In addition to its features, its body is very compact and occupies a little space. At the end of this Sharp SMO1854DS Review, we are sure that you will be impressed by this product’s overall functioning as we were impressed while examining this appliance.

Its stainless-steel exterior constitutes durability. This Sharp 1.8 cu ft microwave oven has an adequate capacity of 1.8 cu ft with a rack and a turntable. Colour, look, design, features all put together made it the best over the range microwave under $400. It has around 10 cooking power levels and an output of 1100 watts. After a huge recommendation, we have brought this product to test its whole characteristic features.

Sharp SMO1854DS Review for 2023

1. Uniform Heating with Turntable and Multiple Levels

Our Sharp microwave 1.8 cu ft oven owns a turntable that has a carousel-style motion. This ensures that food placed on its turntable gets cooked evenly. Oven users may get this point since we might have to open oven over some interval to turn trays with food. This is done so that every side of your food is met with heat uniformly. In this case, the turntable takes care of this issue. The turntable is 12.8” and can be used for reheating or defrosting even.

We have had situations where we had to use the oven for cooking 2 types of food at a time. This over the range microwave has a rack facility just above the turntable. Use the rack and turntable simultaneously to get two levels of cooking done. To cook and serve large portions, this oven is ideal. Bake a cake and cook another dish in the rack above to achieve perfect results. This feature also saves power and energy.

2. Defrosting and Reheating

Worried about reheating last night’s dinner? Dishes from last night can become a treat after using the reheating feature in Sharp over the counter microwave. We even have a reheat option straight away to lessen the guessing time to choose optimal temperature and time. Just pop in the meal and reheat it in a flash. Hot and fresh meals are on your table within minutes.

How about defrosting? We were happy that items could be defrosted quickly using this machine’s automatic defrost button. Other options exclusively for unfreezing vegetables and entrées were present in the control interface. The Sharp over the range microwave Oven also sports an automatic defrost option by weight of items. This also helps in reducing the trial-and-error method of choosing temperature and time. Food items like meat, poultry, and fish can be thawed effortlessly using its defrost function. If defrost is preferred by time, we have automatic defrost by time setting as well.

3. Extensive Controls

We were overwhelmed by the available options on this 1100 watt over the range microwave. Its control panel is very simple to work, facilitating an easy-to-use operation. It is so user-friendly and loaded with buttons suitable for your needs. Let’s run through the major possibilities of cooking methods present. The “+30 sec” button can be used for instant start and adding more time while cooking. Other settings include melting butter, chocolate, ice cream, and cheese. A touchpad with numbers gives access to entering the desired selection.

Options to switch on/off light, vent fan, turntable are some of the most-handy features we have seen to date in any oven. Specialized preferences like popcorn and beverages are inside its preset category. We also found a sensor cook menu with alternatives like potato, reheat, and defrost veggies or entrees. A digital display will give information on selected settings. This display gives out the reading in white to provide a good view. Start and Stop can be used to bring this device to life and shut it off.

4. Design

Our stainless over the range microwave’s exterior is stainless-steel, as mentioned earlier. This strong body not only offers a more extended period of working with it but also gives it a classy look. Its commendable capacity coupled with design makes an oven a special buy. A sleek look with black glass gives the user a good view while cooking. Its interior is illuminated with the help of light to assist in better sight. The interior is gray and adds to its elegant design.

The oven is fitted with filters that have a 3-speed ventilation system. Vent fans present have an effect of 450 cu ft per minute. Excess heat and steams are sent out via these fans to enable a cool and safe kitchen environment. This will also safeguard users like kids and the elderly from burns by touching the surface of the microwave over the range. Customized spaces can hold this oven with no effort.

5. Stain Resistant Interior

This Sharp otr microwave oven from Sharp poses a stain-resistant interior, which enables stress-free cleaning. A damp cloth will remove all stains painlessly. An enamel-coating runs through inside this oven. Its coating is the main reason behind having a clean oven most of the time. Just a swift wipe will remove all crumbs, stains, spills, etc. We could also reach every nook and corner with ease to clean this appliance after every cooking session.

The stainless-steel exterior can be dusted often to maintain a glossy look. Bright LED lighting inside it will give a better view while scrubbing so that we never miss a spot. The turntable and rack present in it are also removable, which can be washed and placed again. Sharp has designed the SMO1854DS oven in the best way that we never face hurdles during its operation. No more worries about having after cleaning sessions, which will be strenuous.


Sharp 1.8 cu. ft. 1100 w. Microwave Specifications

  • Brand: Sharp
  • Model: SMO1854DS
  • Dimensions : 33.25 x 20 x 19 inches; 60 Pounds
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Power: 1100 Watts
  • Cooking Power Levels: 10
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Turntable: 12.8-inch (Glass)
  • Capacity: 1.8 Cubic Feet
  • Weight: 60 Pounds
  • Volts: 120 Volts


what are the external dimensions of Sharp SMO1854DS 1.8 cu ft over the range microwave oven?

The external dimensions of this Sharp SMO1854DS Over tCounter oven are 29.9″ *16.3″ *15.9″. Its cavity dimensions are 20.6″ * 10″ * 14.9″, and it weighs 51.1 lbs.

Where is this Sharp SMO1854DS microwave made?

Our Sharp SMO1854DS stainless steel microwave is made in the USA. SharpUSA is dedicated to creating healthier and simpler life solutions like their 1.8 cu ft over the range microwave oven.

Does this Sharp (SMO1854DS) microwave have a “zero clearance door?”

No, Sharp microwave 1.8 cu ft oven does not have a “zero clearance door.” It opens all the way and maybe sometimes beyond the oven sides.

Final Thoughts

After going through each aspect of the Sharp SMO1854DS Review, we can conclude that buying this oven will be the best among its counterparts. The range of controls, including reheat, defrost, melt, vent fan, light, etc., will be appreciated by every user. Already set options give us the cushion of staying away from guessing games. We can even opt to clock in temperature and time we would like to bake or cook your own dish.

Easy to clean interiors and a beautiful exterior make this Sharp 1.8 cu. ft. 1100 w. Microwave a must-have tool in the kitchen. Its capacity can be a big plus when cooking for an entire family. The rotating turntable also ensures the food is cooked thoroughly from all sides without having to move the cooking tray way too often. Having explained all its features at length, we expect this study has made you comfortable in choosing the Sharp SMO1854DS as the oven for your kitchen countertop.

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