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Sharp R1874T Microwave Reviews 2020

It doesn’t matter whether you have a gourmet kitchen in an expansive home or a tiny kitchen in a studio apartment, there may not be enough space for your home appliances. The only place any of the appliances can realistically be placed is on the kitchen counter. hence, one must have an appliance which gives you some flexibility and it is nothing but an Over range microwave oven.

It may be a pain and somewhat expensive to install yours over the range microwave. But this can free up lots of space that you can use for an ice cream maker, spice rack – or sometimes for food preparation. Over range microwave almost always cost a lot less than the other fixtures of a kitchen like ovens, refrigerators and stoves. As of now, Sharp R1874T Microwave is the best Over range Microwave. Im here to help you with Sharp R1874T reviews.

Sharp R1874T Microwave

The Sharp R-1874T has one of the smallest interiors than any other over the range Microwave. This best Microwave Oven has a chunky exterior profile and has an interior capacity of just 1.1 cubic feet. At first glance, the text-filled control panel of this Sharp Over the range Microwave seems a little intimidating.

The phone-style keypad that comes with this Sharp Microwave R1874T would make it easier to type in exact times. Fortunately, it is fairly well laid out with the settings divided between Convection modes and Microwaves. Sharp R1874T microwave’s default power settings can reheat the food with remarkable evenness. This best Over the range microwave proved adept at defrosting as well.

When we set this Sharp microwave oven into convection mode, it had no problems making cookies. The Sharp R1874T microwave has 1.1 cu. FT capacity. 850-Watt Sharp Over the Range Convection Microwave Oven that is available in in stainless steel provides you added room. This best Sharp microwave is very easy to install than any other ovens. The built-in exhaust system of this Sharp R1874T Over the range Microwave offers three convenient venting options.

They are vertical, horizontal or ductless recirculation which gives you convenience for range-top cooking. The Sharp Microwave oven has an Interactive Cooking System with Custom Help key which helps you with easy follow cooking and programming instructions. Sharp R15874T also equipped with a 4-way convection system that can bake, brown, crisp and broil.


  • Design
  • Performance
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As you can see in the picture, this Sharp R1874T Microwave Oven comes with a very classy design. It stainless steel material makes it more durable. Its design fits any of your kitchen irrespective of its style, color, and decor. Coming to the control panel it has a 2-color 7-digit interactive display with easy and smart settings. There are two racks available which are high and low racks for placing different dishes.

With 850-Watt cooking power, this Sharp R1874T 850W Over-the-Range Convection Microwave bakes, browns, broils, roasts, and crisps very well. So, whatever food you want, you can make it ready within a few minutes. Coming to its cavity, it has 1.1 cu. ft. capacity which is enough for the small-sized family to make multiple dishes. The control panel and other special features make helps in increasing its performance.

  • Though it is having less capacity compared to other similar models, it has very impressive features. So, if you think 1.1 cu ft is sufficient you can get this product and that too at a low price.
  • You can cook a variety of foods in this oven. Yes, the convection and sensor cooking options of this Sharp R1874T 850W Over-the-Range Convection Microwave make it possible.
  • It comes with a 13-inch turntable which provides even heating. So you don’t need to worry that whether the food will be heated evenly or not.
  • Some special features include Built-in exhaust system, hood light, and powerful fan.


Specification Name Value
Product name
Over The Range Microwave
Item model number
Product Dimensions
29.9 x 16.3 x 15.3 inches
Item Weight
72 pounds
Stainless Steel
Free 10yr Warranty on Major Components
Cooking Watts
850 Watts
Cooking Options
CompuBroil-4; CompuRoast-4; CompuBake-4
Sensor Cook Settings
2 Racks
Power Levels
Programmable Stages
Safety Lock and Demo Mode
Audible Signal Elmination
Accessory Kits
RK-220 Charcoal Filter available at extra cost for non-ducted installations

Sharp – Best Over the Range for sale

Sharp is an electronics corporation, which has been developing electronic products and solutions for both commercial and residential for over a century. The brand new company is known for manufacturing high-quality home appliances with advanced features and innovative designs.

Sharp manufactures home appliances that include a wide selection of microwaves and ovens in a wide range of sizes and styles. The Sharp microwaves are available in countertop, over the counter, over the range and drawer options that give you a variety of placement options to complement any kitchen style.


  • Flexible
  • Automatically compute roasting, broiling, and baking times/temperature settings
  • 2-Color interactive Display
  • Built-In Exhaust System
  • Smart & Easy Sensor Settings
  • Two-level baking
  • Two-speed ventilation fan


  • Smart sensor settings
  • Interactive display
  • Easy to use
  • Auto reheat
  • Consistently good results
  • Cooks well
  • Automatic broiling
  • Sturdy


  • The interior capacity is relatively small
  • Loud fan for an over the range microwave
  • Non-smooth interior
  • Quite difficult to clean

Bottom Line

The Sharp R1874T 850W Over the Range Convection Microwave is a must buy to complete your kitchen. It also complements your kitchen interior. This best Sharp R1874T Microwave provided with a modern touch with a 7 digit interactive display, making it more convenient to use. However, the interior of this Sharp over the range convection microwave is not very smooth and hence making it difficult to clean.

Overall, I would say that it is the best buy microwave because of its functionality, capacity, and its technological touch. Hope you all enjoyed this Sharp Microwave Review. Stay in touch with us to get more updated information on the best Over range microwaves. Thank Yoy!!

Sharp R1874T microwave comes with 850-watt. This over the range convection microwave browns, bakes, broils, crisps, and roasts. Comes with 2-colour, 7-digit, interactive display. Also has 1.1-cubic-foot, stainless-steel interior with light; 13-inch turntable provides even heating.

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