Sharp R-331ZS Microwave 1.1 cu.ft. Convection Oven – Ensures worry free cooking!

Sharp R-331ZS Review of 2023

Sharp R- 331ZS microwave is a mid-sized 1.1 cubic feet countertop oven suitable for everyday cooking and reheating. There are so many innovative features in this product, like one-touch control, carousel turntable system, and auto defrost to make reheating and cooking simple and easy. A sharp microwave oven is easy to use, and there are many power levels to cook your food with flavor and taste. Foods that are prepared in the microwave tend to possess original color, aroma, and taste. Now Let’s get into the

Sharp R-331ZS Stainless Steel Microwave Oven

There are so many features in this Sharp 1.1 Cu.Ft.Microwave to improve flavor, aroma, and texture of food. Settings in this microwave oven include a +30 seconds key. Auto defrost, popcorn presets, and express cooking options. Sharp R- 331ZS over range microwave oven runs on 1000 watts of power and has 10 cooking power levels for everyday cooking. Sharp microwave range provides unlimited options for your cooking needs, and you can choose one according to your requirement. There are many user-friendly features and decades of experience to satisfy every customer.


  • One-touch cook
  • Accurate presets
  • Capacity
  • Control panel
  • Power consumption
  • Preprogrammed function
  • Ease of use
  • Design

1. One-touch cook

Under this option, you can pop popcorn, prepare beverages, bake pizza, bake or fry potatoes, reheat food, and boil fresh and frozen vegetables. This Sharp Microwave Convection Oven also has multi-stage cooking and defrosting food by weight and time.

2. Accurate presets

Best Sharp Over Range Microwave Oven has accurate presets for popping your popcorn and heating beverages. Preset level heats your food with exact temperature to release its flavor and aroma. So there is no need to sprint across the kitchen as it does not burn food, and if you don’t get the right temperature, you can add 30 seconds and cook.

3. Capacity

Sharp R 331ZS stainless steel microwave oven has an excellent capacity of 1.1 cubic feet to suit a medium-sized family. TThis Best Sharp Over The Range Microwave can fit in a standard dinner plate. So you can reheat food and cook perfectly for a family of 2-4 persons every day.

4. Control panel

The Sharp 1.1 Cu.Ft.Microwave Control panel has one-touch control features to cook food quickly and efficiently. Pre-cprogrammed functions in the control panel help to cook food properly without burning and retaining aroma, flavor, and taste.

5. Power consumption

Sharp 1.1 cu.ft microwave oven consumes 1000 watts of power, and it can cook any type of food as per standards. Express cooking option is present to cook food at high watts for a short period. It requires 120 V and 60 Hz power supply terminals for operations.

6. Preprogrammed functions

Preprogrammed functions in this Sharp R-331ZS Stainless Steel Microwave Oven include cooking pizza, potatoes, beverages, vegetables, and popcorns, do express cooking and auto-defrosting poultry, meat and fish. Similarly, we can increase cooking time by 30 seconds.

7. Ease of use

It has auto – cook options and express cooking options by touch of a button. One-touch controls are very easy to use, and cooking is done as per pre programmed functions. It is so easy to prepare popcorn with this oven as they excel far from its competitors.

8. Design

A sharp microwave oven has interior white and exterior black with a stainless steel finish. the display has a yellow-green LED color and excellent control panel touch control. It has an old-style look with a modern touch. It has new and brilliant features to elevate your kitchen experience.



  • Manufacturer : ALMO – Dropship
  • Item model number : R-331ZS
  • Product Dimensions : 14.9 x 20.3 x 12 inches
  • Item Weight : 29.3 pounds
  • Capacity : 1.1 cu. Ft
  • Microwave type : Countertop
  • Controls : Digital
  • Turntable size : 11.2 inches
  • Power requirement : 1000 watts
  • Cooking levels : 10


So this is all about Sharp R-331ZS Review, this sharp Microwave oven is one of mid-sized microwave ovens under $100. It has excellent stainless steel color finish with an easy-to-clean interior. The capacity of the oven is 1.1 cubic feet and overall a good choice for those who want to buy an oven for a family of 2-4. This oven has 10 cooking options with 4 auto- defrost options among them. We can prepare soup, pizza, beverages, boil vegetables, and potatoes easily with the cooking menu. It is a very compact countertop microwave oven without convection mode.

Sharp R331ZS Standard Stainless Steel Microwave Oven image

Sharp- R 331ZS is a stainless steel finished microwave oven that has 4 reheat functions and 5 automatic cooking functions for cooking vegetables, potato, pizza, popcorn, and beverages. It has weight defrost, time defrost, and can prepare soup and cook frozen vegetables and frozen dinner. The 11.2-inch turntable can accommodate a standard size dinner plate. Though it does not have a conventional model, you can cook food in microwave mode.


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