Enhance the modernness of your kitchen with Best Sharp Over the Counter Microwave Ovens

Enhance the modernness of your kitchen with Best Sharp Over the Counter Microwave Ovens

Sharp over the range microwave

Whatever may be your need or style, Sharp electronics have something to suit your needs.  Style, size, cooking menus and performance are kept in mind by the manufacturer to produce microwave for all needs. In our review, we have focused on compact, mid-sized and large microwave convection oven that are the leaders in their performance.

All the Sharp microwaves require minimum 900W – 1000W of power to operate with many common features like auto defrost, express cooking and one – touch control with not less than 10 power levels. Sharp stands separately and leads the industry in the over the range microwave ovens.

Over the Range Microwave ovens are perfect for those who are in need of a modern kitchen appliance. Sharp Oven the range microwave is the best Microwave. Moreover, microwave ovens have become incredibly popular over the last couple of years. Hence, we have a large number of models to pick from.

If you are looking for Sharp Over the Range Microwave reviews, then you are in the right place. We are here to provide you Sharp Microwave Reviews with concise information. With more power, capacity and features than most microwaves, this Kenmore Elite over the range microwave stands out among all its competitors. Hence, make use of all its best features and start using it.

10 Best Sharp over the range microwave Reviews 2020

Sharp R21LCF Over the Counter Microwave

Sharp R21LCFS Medium Duty Commercial Microwave Oven Update of R 21LCF image

Sharp R 1214 Microwave oven

Sharp R1214 Stainless Over the Counter Microwave image

Sharp R551ZM Over the Range Microwave

Sharp R551ZM Stainless Steel Sensor Technology Microwave Oven image

The Sharp R21LCF microwave over the range is a good choice for large office break rooms, high-volume convenience stores, or commercial kitchens. This Sharp Over the counter microwave comes with heavy-duty, stainless steel construction and hence makes the microwave durable for high time usage and resistant to corrosion. The 1000 watts power of this Sharp Microwave R21LCF allows for efficient and fast heating.

A latch handle is designed to this bets Sharp Over the range microwave that is used to help prevent door failure. The glass door and an interior light of Sharp Countertop microwave assure a clear view of food cooking inside the oven. If at all the doors of this Sharp R21LCF Oven is opened during the cooking cycle, the rest of the time is cancelled to stop wasting electricity and also energy.

  • Easy to operate

  • Spacious Interior

  • Timer

  • Easy to maintain

  • LED indicators

It’s easy to use and really work well and heat food evenly without owning a rotating turntable. An Over the range Microwave with the metal interior is not usually available with this price. Therefore according to its durability and performance and it is cheaper among all of its range. The light of this Sharp Microwave over the range powered on when the unit is in working state, hence alert others that it is in use right now even from far distance.

The main components of this Sharp R21LCF include electronic light up dial timer from 0-6 minutes that is attached and could be rotated infinitely without any breakage or loosening, a stainless steel door and a cavity. The Microwave Oven also has a timer which includes an auto-cancel option.





This Sharp R-1214 consumes 1100 watts of power, which is a bit more than average usage. The 11 power levels and an amazingly large number of different cooking options and presets make this Sharp Over the range microwave very powerful and user-friendly. The presets that comes with this Sharp R1214 over the counter microwave are Reheat (5 different reheat pre-sets), Instant Sensor (4 different Instant Sensor presets) and a sensor cook centre. The cooking sensors that are provided with this Sharp Over the range Microwave are very accurate, and the presets work really very well. This Sharp microwave R1214 prepares food evenly, defrosts and reheats without any problem. However, the sensor reheat feature of Sharp R1214 is so strong and overheats food a little bit.

  • Lighted LCD display

  • Easy to install

  • Automatic settings

  • Auto-Touch control panel

The installation process of this Sharp R1214 over the counter microwave is very simple as the user manual is concise and hence easy to follow. Controls that come with this Sharp Over the range Microwave are intuitive, logical, and responsive. The signal tones of Sharp microwave R1214 are subtle, still loud enough to be heard. (This is a great boon to a number of people who hate noisy microwave beeps.) The light blue display of this Sharp over the range microwave R1214 is a nice breath of fresh air, as we are used to typical black, grey displays and green digits. The door window of this Sharp R1214 Over the range microwave is covered with white spots and is not very transparent. Overall, the sharp R1214 microwave performs very well and does not have any critical issues.





Sharp R551ZM is a well-designed household size microwave oven with a scratch resistant glass door the gives a  stunning appearance. The smart time-saving feature of this Sharp Over the range microwave eliminates programming. Cooking is made easier with Sensor cooking technology of this Sharp R551ZM Microwave can that automatically determines the cooking time (hence eliminates guesswork) and Auto Defrost for accurate and quick melting.

Sharp Microwave R551ZM comes with many innovative features like superior sensor technology and the Carousel turntable system. So it is easy to see why users around the world trust only Sharp to deliver cooking products that benefit them every day. An Instant Action Popcorn Key that comes with this over the range Microwave oven by Sharp give your favourite food at a single press of a button.

  • Auto Defrost

  • Scratch Resistant

  • Superior Sensor Technology

The 1.8 Cu. Ft. Capacity of this Sharp Over the range Microwave is large enough for a big family preparing a large variety of meals. Sharp R551ZM comes with 1,100 Watts Power consumes less power compared to all other microwave ovens. The Sensor Technology of this Sharp Microwave over the range can automatically determine the cooking time. Auto Defrost feature of this Sharp countertop microwave is used for Quick & Accurate melting.

Sharp Carousel microwave comes with 15 inches Turntable to give you even cooking. Glass Door of this Sharp R551ZM over the range microwave is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. The “+30 seconds” key of this Sharp Microwave Over the range helps for ease of use. The Child Safety Lock of this Sharp R551ZM microwave over the counter helps you out of unwanted usage of this Oven.





The Sharp R-1874 over the stove microwave comes with a convection and sensor cooking. However, this best over the range microwave offer great functionality as a microwave, convection oven and hood vent. The Sharp R1874T Microwave has 1.1 cubic feet and hence has a sufficient capacity than many other microwave ovens. However, this Sharp Over the range microwave also has an average-sized exterior.

This Sharp R 1874 has 850 watts power, which means this over the range microwave could take a longer time to cook certain varieties of foods. The Sharp R1874 microwave does provide convection cooking, which allows you to bake cookies or cake and roast a chicken or veggies. The circulating hot air inside this bets over the range microwave cooks and browns food evenly and quickly.

  • Built-in exhaust system

  • Smart and Easy sensor settings

  • Simple installation

Sensors in the Sharp R1874T microwave can detect the amount of moisture in your food and determine how much cooking time it needs to reach the perfect temperature. The Sharp over the counter microwave gives eight sensor-cooking options, and the sensor reheat warms your leftovers without draining them out. This best Over the range microwave includes a ventilation fan that can work at multiple speeds to disperse all the cooking odours from the stovetop.

The Sharp R1874T included a cooktop light that has two settings to illuminate your tasks. Moreover, the low setting also serves as a nightlight. This Sharp Over the range microwave gives you multicoloured display which is easy to read. The smooth surface of this Over the counter microwave controls are easy to understand as well as keep clean. The Sharp R1874T also includes a high rack and a low rack.





The Sharp R1514 countertop microwave has 1.5 cu. Ft. capacity and hence provide you with large cooking space. This 1000-Watt Sharp Over the Range Microwave Oven gives you the best power wattage and is powerful as it is space-conscious. This Sharp R1514 has the largest turntable than any other microwave in its class.

The convenient Auto-Touch Control Panel that comes with this Sharp Over the range microwave is located behind the oven door. Hence it is easy to reach and hidden from view. The Smart and Easy sensor technology that comes with this best Over the range microwave makes reheating and cooking a breeze.

  • Smart and Easy sensor settings

  • Auto-Touch control panel

  • 2 speed fan

With large 14 1/8″ diameter turntable, this Sharp R1514 serves as the largest turntable of any microwave oven in its class that added capacity and versatility. The Sensor Cook Center of this sharp Over the range microwave includes 11 easy and smart sensor settings for the most popular microwaved foods. Hence, you need not set times or power levels and hence no guesswork.

The interactive Cooking System that comes with this Sharp R1514 over the range microwave gives you options for English, Spanish or French. Defrost Center that is provided with this best Over the range microwave automatically sets defrosting times and power levels for meats and poultry. The Keep Warm Plus feature that comes with this lets you keep your food hot up to 30 minutes after cooking is finished.





Sharp R331ZS microwave is a 1.1 cubic feet size microwave with more than 11 power levels.  This is a mid- sized microwave from Sharp and best suited for cooking and reheating every day.  There is an 11.2 inch turntable made of toughened glass. There are many innovative features in this microwave such as one – touch control, auto defrosts, popcorn preset and express cooking.  For quick heating, you can use the +30s button. The microwave requires 1000 watt power for 4 one- touch cook programs, 5 auto cook programs and 11 power levels.

  • One –touch start menu

  • 30+ seconds instant start

  • Auto defrost option

  • One- touch popcorn and beverages

  • 11.25 inch turntable for even cooking

  • Orville Redenbacher’s Certified Mid- size Countertop microwave oven

The entire body is made with stainless steel and black wrap. Orville Redenbacher‘s Microwave popcorn technology is installed in this unit for enjoying delicious and fluffy popcorn while enjoying your favorite program.  Reheating your food, beverages and snacks have become much easier with this microwave. This is one of the best Sharp over the range microwave oven that can be used at home, office and cafeteria.





Sharp black microwave oven is the mid- size microwave model which is 1.1 cu feet long suitable for reheating and cooking. It uses 1000W of power for instant reheating and cooking. Glossy finish enables you to clean the microwave easily and simply. Some of the innovative options present in the microwave are auto defrost, one- touch control and express cook. Like other Sharp models, it too has the feature of 30+ second instant start option.

  • One- touch start panel

  • Auto defrost option for most common food items

  • 11.25 inch turntable to kit 10 inch dinner plates

  • Express cooking option

  • 1000 watt power level for 10 cooking power needs

  • Mid- size countertop microwave

Express cooking option is present and you can cook or heat the food up to 6 minutes by pressing it. You can fit your 10 in dinner plate inside for reheating the food. You can reheat food and leftovers in less than 2 minutes and melt the butter in 20 seconds.  You can defrost many things with presets for meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables and pizza. The product comes with a limited warranty of one year. This model has more excellent rating for usage, control panel visibility and noise level.





Sharp Countertop microwave oven – ZSMC1442CS is a large microwave oven with 1.4 cubic feet space. This microwave oven has 12.8 inch big turntable for preparing 3.3 oz of popcorn using the popcorn option. The microwave has Orville Redenbacher’s microwave popcorn technology.  This microwave fulfills the requirements of a family on a single press. The settings in Sharp convection microwave over the range contains +30 seconds auto start, auto defrost, preset functions and express cooking.

  • 1.4 cu. Ft family sized oven

  • Orville Redenbacher’s simply touch option for popcorn

  • Auto defrost, 10 preset cooking and reheating

  • Precise cook sensor technology

  • One- touch cooking option and +30 seconds for instant start

There are 10 cooking levels to choose for different food items. Since it is made of stainless steel body, it is easy to clean and use. Softening option, for butter, chocolates, cream cheese and ice cream, is an added feature in this model. Express cooking option can heat your food up to 6 minutes. The product has limited 1 year warranty for parts and labor.





Sharp microwave oven is a 900 watt powered compact microwave suitable for reheating, beverages, snacks and frozen meals. It can do small and simple cooking and can be fitted anywhere.  The size of the microwave is 0.9 cu. ft with 10.6 inch carousel turntable to fit a dinner plate. It is made with brushed stainless steel and the glass is scratch – resistant to suit your home décor. The settings present in this Sharp OTR microwave are express cook, auto defrost, defrost and time cook are present in the control panel.

  • Express cooking up to 6 minutes

  • 900 watts power

  • Turntable diameter is 10.6 inches

  • LED light display

  • Time defrost and auto defrost options

  • Set the cooking time and complete the cooking

  • Popcorn. Beverage and reheat settings are present

The beauty of this compact microwave is that you can set your own defrost time and prepare the meal. There are settings for beverages, popcorn and reheating. Instant start option with +30 s is also present in this microwave. There are 11 cooking power levels for fast cooking and quick reheating.  It is the highly recommended product from amazon as the best Sharp microwave. Reviews by customers have provided 4- star rating for its value, simplicity in usage and lightweight.





Sharp R1210 is a unique over the counter microwave oven with easy and Smart sensor technology for cooking or reheating. The R-1210 Sharp microwave oven features 1.5 cu. Ft. of cooking space with a stylish black colour that can easily match most of the kitchen appliances. The Sharp R1210 over the range microwave is the smarter kitchen design solution that saves most of your valuable counter space.

This best microwave oven operates with standard cabinet sizes hence provides a wide range of options for placement, and doesn’t require a shelf or built-in kit. This feature allows for easy and versatile installation. The Sharp R-1210 microwave provided with under cabinet task lighting.

  • Auto defrost

  • Touch-key control panel

  • Moisture sensor

The Sharp R1210 comes with 14.1 inches removable and revolving turntable. This best Sharp countertop microwave has 7-digit, two colour and lighted LCD display which makes it easy to use and read the display. The sharp R1210 Microwave also has 19 automatic settings, smart and easy sensor settings and Auto-touch control panel. The interactive cooking system that is provided with this Sharp R1210 gives you custom help in English, Spanish or French.

Defrost Center of this Sharp Over the range microwave sets power levels and times for meats and poultry by weight. The Minute Plus feature of this microwave oven gives one minute of high cooking at a touch. Therefore smarten up your kitchen design with this Sharp counter top microwave oven. This is the best over the range microwave is an ideal space saver that gives you more counter space and more cooking space!





  Installing a microwave is simple and easy if you follow the instructions carefully. The wall construction and counter space where you want to keep your microwave should have a few inches of space on all sides of the microwave. 

  1. Preparation of the designated area.
  2. Connecting the electric circuit.’
  3. Installation of the hood exhaust duct
  4. Connecting the ventilation system.
  5. Mounting the appliance.
  6. Installing the microwave.

           After preparing the area for installing the microwave oven, make sure that the wire is grounded and the wire is inserted into the properly installed wall socket.

          Microwave requires a 3 – prong grounding plug.  The power supply range should be 120 V AC, 60 Hz, 15 Amp with single grounded receptacle. 

         After this step, unbox the microwave and connect it to the ventilation and mount the microwave. Plug in the power cord and your microwave oven is ready to use.

Using the convection microwave oven for cooking and reheating is the wise choice.  Conventional microwaves are more expensive than traditional oven but they occupy less space and good to operate. We can make everything using a conventional microwave oven.

  1. Microwave setting:  use this setting for heating the food for a short period of time. Generally popcorn, leftovers and vegetables are cooked in this setting. While microwaving the food, make sure to cover the food to retain the moisture and avoid using utensils, racks or metal cans.
  2. Convection setting: this setting is best suited for baking food and the foods that you need it to be crispier. You can roast vegetables and meat easily with less oil. Make sure that the food has some place for hot air circulation under and around the pan.
  3. Combination setting: if you want to cook the food very quickly, then you can use the combination mode. Microwave rays will penetrate the thick food and boil the water molecules inside them for fast cooking and the convection current will provide the desired heat to produce a neat finish to the food.
  4. Be careful not to overcook any food in the convection microwave oven.
  5. Convection microwave are best suited for limited space homes.

Choosing an over the range microwave is a task that needs to have the best features and functionality aesthetics. You must have a microwave that can easily fit in with the kitchen’s design and still provide the features that you expect in a microwave. This covers more than just matching the colour of the microwave to other kitchen appliances. It can also include the microwave’s eco-friendly rating and many other features. Many counter top microwaves serve a dual purpose. Other than warming or cooking food, they also must have a range exhaust fan to disperse cooking odours. Some of the main features that are to be considered before buying an over the range microwave are pointed below.

All the Built-in microwave ovens that you place among custom cabinets or paired with built-in and a full-sized wall oven are the most high-end types of microwaves. Some microwave ovens that come under this category are even designed especially as drawers with a section that you can pull out for food.

It is important to find the right size microwave that will meet all your food needs and fit in the space you have for it. First of all, you need to measure the counter or other space where you plan to place your microwave. Then, measure the width, height and depth of the over the range microwave oven you are going to find out if it will fit on your counter top, in a custom spot or over your range. The external dimensions of this Microwave oven may vary a lot, from 10x18x14 inches on the smaller side to 14x24x20 inches on the larger side. Internal capacity of an Over the range microwave which can range from less than one cubic foot to 2 cubic feet or more. There doesn’t seem to be any set rule for how internal capacity correlates to size.

A Microwave oven wattage is almost equal to power. In general, the higher the wattage, the more evenly and faster you can cook your food. Most of the microwave ovens come with power wattage between 600-1,200 watts. However, more expensive microwaves tend to have a higher wattage.

If you have children in your home, they may accidentally put their hand inside the microwave. So, this is the must and should feature an over the range microwave must have. This child lock is facilitated with the help of code which acts as a password or a key to unlock. A Convection microwave oven interiors get very hot when you bake, and child lock is must feature in that case.

In case you want to simplify the cooking, the Auto cook option is needed. Low-end or Economic microwave ovens may not have this feature. With the help of this feature, you don’t need to set power configuration and time, what you have to do is to specify the dish type, that’s it.

Defrost is a microwave operation concentrated on heating the frozen food. If at all you want to heat the yesterday dish from the refrigerator, then this is the right opportunity to use.

Before you start cooking and follow the recipes, the microwave oven needs to reach a specific temperature. Hence, you need to turn on the microwave oven and wait for some time till it is hot or reached the required temperature. This complete process is known as preheating. Don’t forget to watch the preheating time required for the microwave oven in the specifications before making your purchase.

The timer feature allows you to configure the cooking duration. You can specify how long your microwave to operate from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Depending on the panel type either with LCD touch or with a knob or you can specify the duration of cooking.

There are three types of control panel types, namely Tact Dial Type, Mechanical, Feather Touch. The Tact Dial and Mechanical panels usually come in low-end models and can handle rough usage. Moreover, the feather Touch panels add design to your microwave. It can sense your fingers, just like a touch-screen phone. The Feather Touch panel usually comes in a high-end microwave oven.

Sharp is the over the range microwave that one should have in any kitchen. Other Countertop microwaves excel at particular tasks and fail some points, but this Sharp really don’t have any downfalls. If you are a kind of home chef who uses a microwave oven for everything from pizza to roasts, this Sharp Over the range microwave oven is the best option. This Sharp countertop microwave has one of the best interiors than any other microwave. Fortunately, this best over the range microwave is fairly well laid out with the settings divided between Convection mode oven and Microwave. This Sharp microwave oven default power settings reheated food with remarkable evenness, and the appliance proved adept at defrosting as well. When this oven is set to convection mode, it had no problems making cookies.


How to remove a Sharp Over the Range Microwave?

To remove a Sharp Over the Range Microwave, follow the steps below-

  1. First, turn off the power and unplug the wires from the cord. 
  2. Then, unscrew the microwave from the mounting panel. 
  3. Pull it to 45°, and remove it swiftly. 
Where can I buy a Sharp Over the Range Microwave?

The Sharp Over the Range Microwave can be bought from its official website and also from Amazon which is much preferable as it provides extra discounts and offers.

How to install Sharp Over the Range Microwave?

Follow the steps below to install a Sharp Over the Range Microwave-

  1. First, prepare the grounding wires. And, fix the mounting plate. 
  2. Then, prepare the venting system and mount the microwave on it. 
  3. Finally, plug in the cord and switch on the power. 
Where are Sharp Microwaves made?

The Sharp Microwaves are made by the Sharp Manufacturer Company of America located in Memphis, Tennessee.

Does Sharp Over the Range Microwave have a sensor reheat function?

Yes, Sharp Over the Range Microwave does have a sensor reheat function.

If you care more about your microwave Oven’s performance than whether it perfectly matches your oven, the Sharp over the range microwave is an excellent choice. A sale price makes it one of the more affordable over the range microwave oven on the market, and our cooking tests show it is also one of the best Over the range microwave. We evaluated it as a convection oven, microwave, and range hood, and struggled to find anything this Sharp does very well. This Sharp Countertop microwave is one of the best you can get. All in all, this microwave is one of the best budget OTR microwaves I have come across. Hope you all enjoyed this sharp Microwave reviews. Keep visiting us to get all the latest updates regarding Sharp Over the range Microwave. Thank you!! Happy Shopping!!

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