Sharp SMD2470AS Or SMD3070ASY Microwave Drawer – Which is Best?

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Microwaves in the kitchen are grist for the mill. Twenty-first century has been tremendously demanding so far that it takes a toll on our lives and energy. The never ending to-do list of quotidian errands makes it humanly impossible to address them in one go. Having so much to take care of, we need every first helping hand we could possibly get. Microwaves are a lifesaver. Your morning breakfast which would otherwise take you a good 20 minutes is ready in no time with microwaves. There is no second thought about whether to have a microwave in your house or not. The real question is which microwave to buy? Which is better, a tabletop microwave or a drawer microwave. Well, based on our reviews and research both have their own perks and drawbacks, but for now, let’s talk more about the Sharp Microwave Drawer 24 vs 30 comparisons.

Sharp Microwave Drawer 24 Vs 30 Features & Specs

Sharp SMD2470AS 24Inches Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer Oven imageSharp SMD3070ASY Microwave Drawer image
Basics of ComparisonSharp SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer OvenSharp SMD3070ASY Microwave Drawer
Dimensions26.19 x 23.88 x 15.41 inches‎23.06 x 30 x 15.88 inches
Weight74 pounds79 pounds
Energy Consumption950 Watts 1000 Watts
Microwave capacity1.2 Cubic Feet1.2 Cubic Feet
Installation TypeBuilt-InBuilt-In
Sensor CookingYesYes
Quick Start CookingNoNo
Installation TypeBuilt in Within drawerBuilt in Within drawer
MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Defrost SystemYesYes
Voltage120 Volts120 Volts
Form Factor‎Stand Alone
Defrost SystemAuto DefrostAuto Defrost
Check PriceCheck Price

Differences in Sharp SMD2470AS and Sharp SMD3070ASY Microwave Drawer Oven


Shark drawer microwaves SMD2470AS and SMD3070ASY both are manufactured from stainless steel. Stainless steel imparts next level strength to the drawer microwaves. Also, the body becomes corrosion and tarnish resistant while they are installed in a damp drawer. These Shark microwave drawers are inserted in a petite kitchen drawer and save a lot of space that would otherwise be occupied by a countertop microwave. They are fashioned and designed for better user experience and convenience.

Easy Touch Drawer

With a single tap of your finger, the Sharp SMD2470AS microwave drawer oven door smoothly opens up for you absolutely hassle free. And again for closing the microwave door all you need to do is tap the button again and you are done. This makes the experience completely hands free and safe. The chances of you spilling your hot drinks almost get down to zero as you now pick your drinks instead of dragging and pulling them towards yourself.

Control Panel

Both the drawer microwaves have accurate and on-point control panels. Expertly designed control panels for better user experience serving the purpose make these a must-have microwaves. Control panel area is tilted out at around an angle of 45 degrees. You will know how much difference that makes only after you use it. Absolutely gorgeous and additionally making it esthetically more appealing and easy on the eyes. You do not need to bend and look out for different options on the control panel which you would have to if not for this titled control panel screen.


Shark microwave drawer 24 and 30 each have a capacity of 1.2 cubic feet. With this capacity, you can easily prepare and serve a meal for at least four to five members is not more than ten to fifteen minutes. You can bake anything in these microwaves, including yummy recipes like cakes, whole baked chicken, pizzas, etc. This capacity should suffice your day-to-day needs with no potential issues and troubles.

Additional Features

Both the Shark microwave drawers have an option of Auto Defrost technology. This is amazing. Defrosting earlier was an intimidating task. We would never be sure how many minutes it would take for our frozen item to defrost and we would simply end up turning on and off our microwave a couple of times. But, the automated defrost option takes care of this for you. Without actually overheating the frozen item it just defrosts it. Absolutely on point and top notch, could not have been better.


Shark drawer microwaves 24 and 30 have a one year limited warranty on them. The warranty includes in-home service for a period of one whole year. Any spare parts and functioning problems will be addressed during this warranty period. However, any damage caused to the external body of the microwave drawer due to any mishandling, mishaps, or misuse by the user will not be entertained within the warranty services.


It took our team and experts a couple of weeks to thoroughly have an intimate hands-on experience with these two Shark microwave drawers. We have looked and scrutinized every feature that might alter the user experience. Both are equally good and serve their purpose excellently. They are certainly value for the money and worth every penny spent. We have given you a detailed quick walkthrough of both the microwave drawers, now you can easily make your choice and select the perfect suitable microwave drawer for yourself.

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