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Sharp kb 6524ps Microwave Drawer Review 2020

An Over The Range Microwave is a combination of a microwave oven and a range hood. This 2-in-1 Microwave is designed to be installed over a cooktop or range. This Sharp Over the Range Microwave includes all required mounting hardware for simple and fast installation. Yes, this Sharp KB 6524PS Microwave Drawer, will allow you to utilize your kitchen space very well.

Most Over the Range Microwave Oven can be either recirculated or vented to the exterior. Here we are providing the Best over the Range Microwave reviews along with its ultimate features. Add style and sophistication to your kitchen with this new Sharp kb 6524ps Microwave Drawer.

Innovative thinking led to Microwave Drawer Oven. It is an appliance that has helped kitchen design and microwave oven placement. Nowadays Drawer microwave ovens have also become pretty popular. They can be placed anywhere in your cooking area. Now, Im here to give you Sharp Microwave Drawer Reviews.

Sharp 24-Inch Microwave Drawer Oven for the Money

Its sleeker, larger, and more accessible features are better than any other  Microwave Drawers available in the market. The new KB-6524P Series fits in your kitchen, and it has a larger 1.2 cu. ft. Interior is tall enough to hold a 20 oz. Cup from your favourite coffee store. 

Control panel of this Sharp Microwave is easy to use, and the drawer slides out without any issues. This is not just a reheating or a popcorn microwave, but more than that. The Sharp KB 6524PS is excel with its accurate sensors, large capacity, and a large number of presets.

This Sharp KB-6524PS Microwave drawer comes with a 1000 watt power, and you can get 24-inch. The drawer of this Best Microwave Drawer slides out smoothly about a foot and a half from the entire unit. However, there is plenty of space for a full sized plate.

Shapr 1.2 cu Microwave oven FEATURES

Just like all other Over the Range Microwave Ovens, this Sharp KB-6524PS Microwave also had the great design. It works not only great but also looks cool and modern. With its smooth surface and perfect LCD display, we can say that it has the best design. Coming to its size, we can’t say that this KB-6524PS is small and portable because it is a bit large but functions very well.

This Best Over the Range Microwave comes with an easy-to-use control panel along with the LCD as you can see in the pictures. Furthermore, without any issues, the drawer slides out. Every operation is clearly mentioned on the control panel. So, without much difficulty, you can use it. To talk about its capacity, it has 1.2 cubic feet capacity, which is more than enough for full-blown meals.

With accurate sensors, large capacity, and a huge number of presets, this Sharp KB-6524PS Oven performs very well. For the people who think these features are enough then it will be good to go product. But if you want more features just like what you see in the other featured ovens, then this may not look great. However, it is low price and will be preferred by most of the people for this reason. Coming to its performance, the food placed in this oven is evenly cooked, which will be quiet impressive than the other microwaves. Defrosting and Reheating both works equally well in this oven.

  • A large number of presets like melt, beverage, popcorn, soften, reheat, and keep warm are very easy to use and even works great for preparing bigger meals.
  • Sensor Cook.
  • Minute Plus.
  • Keep Warm.
  • Built-in Ready.
  • Kitchen Timer.
  • Control Lock.
  • Angled Touch Controls.
  • Automatic Door Opening.
  • 1.2 cu. ft. Capacity.
  • 1000 Cooking Watts.
  • Pull/Push Easy-Open handle.
  • 2 Preprogrammed Reheat Settings.
  • 6 Automatic Defrost Settings.
  • 11 Power Levels.
  • 4 Programmable Stages.
  • Melt and Soften buttons.


Specification Name Value
Product Dimensions
23.9 x 15.4 x 26.2 inches
Item Weight
70 pounds
Stainless Steel
Control Type
Front-Mounted Touch; Angled For Easy Viewing
1-year limited warranty
1000 watts
Microwave Drawer Oven Opening System
Yes, Using Either The Easy Open Handle or The Auto-Touch Control Panel
Yes, Using Either The Easy Open Handle or The Auto-Touch Control Panel
12 settings
120V, 60Hz/1.67kW, 14.5 Amps
Overall Width, Depth, Height
23 7/8″, 26 3/16″, 15 13/32″

Sharp 24-Inch Microwave Drawer Oven KB-6524PS Key Features

  • Sensor cook of this Sharp KB-6524PS Microwave drawer leaves out the guesswork with the given 11 easy sensor settings for the best and popular microwaved foods.
  • This Best Microwave drawer has a minute plus feature that allows you to start the oven quickly at the very high power level.
  • Keep Warm feature allows you to keep your food warm for up to 30 minutes.
  • This Sharp KB 6524PS Microwave drawer can be installed below any electric or gas wall oven.
  • Sharp Over the range Microwave drawer has front-mounted angled touch controls which are used for easy viewing.
  • You can touch the Auto touch button that is on the control panel of this Sharp Microwave drawer for automatic door opening.
  • 1.2 cu. ft. capacity of this Sharp KB-6524PS Microwave drawer fits a 7 inches mug or 20 oz. cup.





How can I hide my Sharp KB-6524PS Microwave?

You can hide the Sharp KB-6524PS microwave because it is a drawer type microwave. So, you can just close the Microwave Drawer, and close the door.

What is the difference in this model which is KB-6524PSY vs the KB-6524PS?

There is no difference between Sharp KB-6524PS and Sharp KB-6524PSY. The Y in the KB-6524PSY model just represents the year of manufacturing.

Would Sharp KB-6524PS fit in a standard 24 inch cupboard opening?

Yes, Sharp KB-6524PS would definitely fit in a standard 24 inch cupboard opening.

Does the Sharp KB-6524PS 24-inch Microwave Drawer oven come with a power cord?

Yes, the Sharp KB-6524PS 24-inch Microwave Drawer oven does come with a power cord.

Bottom Line

Sharp seriously make an effort to design and it didn’t disappoint us with this Sharp KB 6524PS Microwave Drawer. The microwave looks modern and very nice. Sharp Microwave Drawer comes with a smooth and clean surface area. The LCD of this best microwave drawer looks and works great. Sharp KB-6524PS looks good enough to suit most of your kitchens, regardless of the overall aesthetic design or colour scheme.

Overall, the Sharp KB-6524PS is a great drawer microwave with all of the electronic features that you would expect from a modern appliance. Hope you enjoyed this Best Microwave Drawer review. Stay in touch with us to get all latest updates on latest Drawer Microwaves. Thanks for visiting us!!

The Large Sharp KB 6524PS has 1.2 cu. ft. capacity and fits a 7″ mug or 20 oz. cup. 1,000 watts with Sensor Cook, Reheat and Popcorn. Pull/Push Easy-Open handle or use the Auto-Touch™ control.

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