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Samsung ME21H706MQS Review 2020

Over the range microwaves have come a long way since first introduced. Samsung ME21h706MQS Microwave is one of the best Over the Range Microwave. The large and bulky microwaves have evolved into a smaller, smarter, and power packed kitchen appliance. The best over the range microwave has work cut out for it because they have two primary functions. First one is a microwave convection oven that is ready defrost and warms up any food with a push of the button. However, it also has a ventilation system at the base of the device to help when cooking over the stove to keep circulating clean air while ventilating the bad our out of the cooking area. Let us look into Samsung Microwave reviews.

Samsung ME21h706MQS Microwave

One of the best over the range microwave from Samsung is ME21H706MQS. The control scheme of this Samsung Oven is horizontal, which is fairly common in over the range microwaves. However, the controls are not that easy to read and might take some time to get used to it. With the fairly large capacity of 2.1 cubic foot, the Samsung ME21H706MQS is a perfect option for multiple dishes and large families. However, the designers have made good use of its space. The Samsung ME21H706MQS Microwave is not that easy to use, maybe because of the way the control scheme has been designed. Above that, the food gets evenly cooked and reheated as well.

Compared to all other Over the range microwaves that are available within the price range, Samsung ME21H706MQS is the best one.  This Microwave oven has 10 power levels, a fairly large number of presets and the best cooking sensors. Moreover, the sensors are quite accurate and work very well. The presets that come with this Samsung Over the range Microwave are Kids Meals, Fit Choice, Favorite Cook, Snacks etc. The 400 CFM exhaust fan of the Samsung ME21H706MQS does its job without making any noise. The Ceramic Enamel Interior of this Over the range Microwave oven lets you remove grease and oil effortlessly. This best Over the range microwave is more scratch resistant than stainless steel.


  • Smart Multi-Sensor
  • Wide Monitor Look Design
  • Simple Clean Filter System
  • LED Light
  • Other Features

Without any guesswork, you can now prepare your delicious foods with Samsung ME21h706MQS Microwave Oven. This is because there is a Smart Multi-Sensor in this unit. Its smart cook technology automatically senses the surface temperature of food. Then it adjusts the time, power and heat of the unit which results in perfectly cooked food or dishes.

As you can see, the Samsung ME21h706MQS has the elegant design which suits perfectly for any kitchen. It is more perfect for new houses. Coming to the point, it has a wide monitor-look door which was integrated with the easy-to-use control panel at an optimum eye level. The LED display of this over the range microwave is very clear and bright and it comes with the finger touch controls.

Samsung ME21h706MQS Microwave Oven has the Simple Clean Filter System which is located at eye level on the unit. This helps you to monitor easily and know when it needs cleaning. With one touch this Simple Clean Filter will pop out for washing with water and mild soap. So, there is no worry about when to clean and how to clean the oven as this unit makes your cleaning easy.

There is a Dual LED lighting system, which distributes the light evenly over the entire cooktop. With this, you can easily see what you are cooking and how fast the process of cooking is going on. Compared to conventional cooktop lighting, this LED cooktop lighting gives bright and soft illumination and even consumes less energy.

  • Ceramic Inside: Its smooth ceramic interior is easy to clean and makes the unit more durable because it is scratch-resistant and won’t discolor over time.
  • Power Ventilation System (400 cubic feet per minute): Eliminates fumes, steam, and odors quietly and quickly.
  • Fit Choice: There are 9 pre-set cook modes to choose from. With these, you can cook your favorite dishes perfectly.
  • Largest capacity of 2.1 cu. ft: Its large 2.1 cu. ft. capacity is spacious enough to cook delicious foods to your friends and family.


Specification Name Value
Product Dimensions
29.9 x 16.9 x 18.2 inches
Item Weight
59.2 pounds
Stainless steel
Installation Type
59.5 liters
120 volts
1000 watts

Samsung – Multinational Conglomerate Company

Samsung Group is a South Korean multinational company established in the year 1938 and is headquartered in Seoul. Over the next three decades, the group diversified into various fields including textiles, food processing, insurance, securities and retail. Samsung Electronics is the world’s 2nd largest information technology company measured by 2015 revenues. Since 1990, Samsung has increasingly globalised its activities in electronics. Semiconductors and mobile phones have become its most important source of income. Samsung is one of the best-known companies in the world, especially when it comes to smartphones, technology and gadgets.


  • Smart Multi-Sensor Cook function
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Convenient and easy to access
  • Easily washable with mild soap and water
  • 2.1 cu. ft. capacity
  • LED display


  • Decent performance
  • Good venting system
  • Fairly large capacity
  • Attractive
  • Very quiet
  • Simple controls


  • Design flaws
  • Durability
  • Unreliable


Samsung ME21H706MQS microwave oven is the most attractive if it was a bit durable. We love the design and function of this Samsung microwave. You feel like purchasing a whole new kitchen. The numbers across the bottom of this Samsung Oven door are great. Hope that the Samsung ME21H706MQS reviews helped you. Kepp visiting us to get latest updates on all Over the range Microwaves. Thank You. Happy Shopping!!!

Samsung ME21H706MQS is a 2.1-cubic-foot over the range microwave Oven with 1,000 Watts, Removeable Rack, Two-speed 400 CFM Venting System, Sensor Cook Technology, Simple Clean Filter and Cooktop Lighting Smart Multi-Sensor.

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