Samsung Stainless Steel Microwave ME19R7041FS – Best unit with vent fan!

Samsung has always been a brand name in itself for various electronic gadgets. Are you wondering if the Samsung microwave model ME19R7041FS is worth your time and money or not as its other appliances? We were in the same position until a month ago. After buying it, we can say that this stainless-steel microwave has everything that one usually demands in a product like this. It is stylish and is a beautiful unit, which provides us with dozens of sensors cooking options. To know what we loved the most in this product, check out the below Samsung ME19R7041FS review.

One thing that we would like to emphasize is how quiet we found this microwave to be. Samsung stainless steel microwave offers more than what you pay for it. This oven is large enough to fit in a full standard size dinner plate and has its interior dimension sufficient to cook and heat many dishes of every size. It can be placed in any countertop space and will surely be a status symbol addition to your place. At least, our kitchen has elevated in case of style, all thanks to this 1.9 cubic feet box. You get so many features in this single device that have been efficiently designed to meet the necessities of any household, restaurant, or cafe.

Samsung ME19R7041FS Review 2023

1. Venting System

The venting system of Samsung over range microwave is located on the bottom end of this unit. Samsung 1.9 cu ft microwave has a hidden venting system with four different speed settings. This oven microwave can be installed with a duct(vertical or horizontal) that throws the air outside or can be placed with a recirculating venting system.

Basically, this microwave can meet the requirements of any individual user; however, they want to install this device microwave. You can easily fit it accordingly, and its entire installation process is very easy and quick. Its fan control speed offers more options than other models, which were kind of unexpected benefits for us.

2. Cooking Settings

From popcorn to beverages, 1.9 cu ft Samsung microwave covers a wide range of cooking settings. This proves to cook our favorite dishes at an optimal temperature to ensure that our food is cooked accurately. Not once had we experienced any incidents of burnt dishes; this was impressive. True to its manufacturer’s words, this device adjusts the cooking time for optimal results.

One can now cook many different dishes, and every night heating coffee is now an effortless task. Its turntable tray inside helps in cooking any dish from every corner. You get a perfectly cooked meal. There are a total of ten power levels, including a defrosting option. In short, you get everything in it.

3. Design

Samsung 1.9 cubic feet over stove microwave is designed in an attractive manner, including its ceramic enamel interior. This oven’s exterior is black glass with stainless-steel covering around its unit. It is very classy and can be placed in any kitchen environment; it will go along with our interior furniture and decor very well. This over-range microwave has a unique feature, that is, fingerprint-resistant stainless-steel.

The incandescent interior light, digitally advanced settings are another plus factor. Its entire dimension is such that it can be placed in cabinets or over our countertops quite easily. It requires at least a 30-inch wide space to be placed inside a cabinet. It is not exactly compact, but instead, you can call this a very average-sized microwave model; 1.9 cubic feet is proof of that.

4. Control Panel

Control panel of this machine itself looks very cool over the black glass space. This control panel is well built, with a very detailed display of settings and controls. The blue LED light helps us to view our settings information accurately. There is a timer as well as a clock, which can be set to a 12-hour or a 24-hour time setting.

This oven even has an eco-mode that reduces standby power. This timer alerts you when our dishes are done, and the cooktop lighting can also be set on high and low modes. Vent fan control and various other cooking settings are effortless to understand. You might not even need to open its manual to grasp a hand on the workings of this control panel. It even includes a sound control option and has a passcode lock option, which was very favorable for us.

5. Warranty

As mentioned in Samsung 1.9 microwave’s manual, its manufacturer offers a one-year warranty period on all parts and labor. The cost of repairs and replacement will not be borne by the original purchaser in this warranty period.

If, in any case, the unit stops working or the parts don’t meet their standards, one can quickly contact its customer service and enjoy this after-purchase facility. This assures us of the product’s quality, which is an important criterion for choosing to buy any product. We must say that Samsung is renowned for its efficient customer service who respond quickly without any delay.



  • Brand : SAMSUNG
  • Model : ME19R7041FS
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : 33 x 21 x 19 inches
  • Item Weight : 64 Pounds
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Capacity : 1.9 Cubic Feet
  • Number of Power Levels : 10
  • Energy Consumption : 1000 Watts


Does this Samsung fingerprint resistant ME19R7041FS model have a turn table?

Samsung over the range microwave does have a turntable, unlike many other models with the same price. It can move in either direction with ease and is removable as well.

How to set the clock on a 1.9 cu ft Samsung microwave ME19R7041FS?

Samsung over stove microwave has a power level button on its control panel. You just need to click it for three seconds and set the clock according to your requirement. You can also refer to its user’s manual that is provided.

Does this Samsung ME19R7041FS stainless steel microwave over range allow ventilation outside with the fan?

The over the range oven microwave from Samsung offers three different options for ventilation. You can have an outside venting system with a vertical or a horizontal duct easily. One can also install it as ductless ventilation or recirculating venting system.

What are the external dimensions of this Samsung 1000 watt over the range microwave?

The 1000-watt Samsung microwave has an external dimension, which is 16-inches wide and approximately 29 inches long. Its overall height is around 19 inches. It can easily fit into the mentioned space cabinets or countertops.


To wrap it up this Samsung ME19R7041FS review, we recommend you to simply go ahead and buy the product. Samsung stainless steel over the range microwave is literally the best considering its smart features and advanced technology induced in its unit. This product works for cooking your food evenly without missing any spot with its high-efficient power consumption of 1000watts. From our experience, this appliance, in a nutshell, comes in a budget-friendly range and is worth your every penny.

The Samsung over the range microwave installation process can be done quickly and easily by anyone without much hassle. This may look luxurious but has all the necessary benefits attached to it. You won’t regret the experience; we can assure you of that. From child lock features to different power levels, you get it all from defrosting to sensor cooking. The best part is the maintenance, which is to the minimum. You get a scratch-resistant and finger-resistant microwave. Do try it yourself and enjoy the benefits to know that we are quite honest in our opinion. Have a good day!

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