Samsung 1.6-Cu Ft Over-the-Range Microwave ME16K3000AS – Best Stainless Steel OTR in Budget!


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Samsung ME16K3000AS Over-The-Range Microwave

In today’s time, there will be no single kitchen out there, where a microwave oven is not present in them. Though considered as a luxury during its inception time with overtime, it is becoming a necessity for most families around the world. It is a fact that in today’s time, nobody has that patience or even time to cook elaborate meals two or three times a day. Everybody is looking for different means which will significantly decrease time spent in the kitchen to concentrate on things which are much more important. In that quest, people always stumble upon one single piece of equipment, which is designed in such a way that the complex of recipes seems pretty easy and takes away less time than usual while cooking. Samsung ME16K3000AS Review with advanced features with pros and cons.

Samsung ME16K3000AS Review 2020

Samsung ME16K3000AS over range microwave is  compact and small with extremely powerful features. Being a  compact and small over range microwave is also equipped with a 1.6 cubic feet interior space, which is not only capable of cooking full-size meals but can also accommodate medium-size whole turkey. The international kitchen appliance market is flooded with thousands of different brands and manufacturers, which claims to develop the best models whatsoever. As so many different types of appliances and gadgets, Samsung is also known for manufacturing great quality microwave ovens as well.  Samsung 1.6 Over The Range Microwave is also a great quality microwave oven you must buy it for your kitchen. 

Samsung Microwave ME16K3000AS Features

 Samsung over range convection microwave is basically placed over traditional cooking range, hence saves a lot of space on kitchen countertop, especially in small kitchens, where it becomes difficult sometimes to fit all essential appliances in one single space. Also, as Small Over The Range Microwave are equipped with specialized venting systems, these can replace kitchen hoods as well.

There is an old concept about over range microwaves, that they are supposed to be smaller in capacity. But in the case of Samsung, the objective is completely contradictory. Samsung believes in the “bigger, better” concept, and the ME16K3000AS over range of microwave ovens is no different from at all. With a whopping 1.6 cubic feet of space inside the machine, this Small Over The Range Microwave can cook full meals, including whole turkey as well, which is otherwise not possible in any other generic microwave oven. a built-in turntable also acts as an added advantage and makes cooking much more continuous and even, by not creating any heat pockets in specific areas.

 like any other Great quality microwave oven, this Samsung Over The Range Convection Microwave is also equipped with pre-loaded modes, to cook different types of foods like potato, veggies, pizza and so many more. These cooking modes help users to get instant yet perfect results every time. With pre-decided temperature and time settings, these modes spare users from all those complications and help them to concentrate only on pre-cook preparations.

 it has been seen on many surveys that the kitchen is one of spaces inside a home, where most gossiping and chatting takes place. Samsung ME16K3000AS over range convection microwave consists of a powerful Turbo ventilation system, which efficiently removes all steams and fumes and cooking odor out of the kitchen. And more surprisingly, being so powerful, yet extremely noiseless as well, the venting system does not even let other people know while it’s functioning as well.

there are times when thawing foods becomes much more pf hassle than actual cooking. Samsung over range microwave oven is hence composed of a separate Auto-defrost menu, which is supposed to do all thawing and defrosting jobs for you and that too with efficiency. All you require to do is to select the approximate weight of food that needs to be thawed, and the oven will do rest.

with so many great technical details, one feature has to be mentioned about this Samsung microwave oven, is easy to use, user-friendly touch screen control pads. Comprises several pre-set menus and numerical for selecting time and temperature manually, etc., control panel is convenient. It makes entire microwave usage extremely easy and hassle-free.

equipped with a separate Eco mode, this Samsung 1.6-Cu Ft Over-The-Range Microwave uses 80% less electricity while it is being used in this model. eco mode, not only helps users to save some penny as machines take minimal power to operate. Hence it is proven beneficial for the environment as well.

Samsung Over The Range Microwave ME16K3000AS Specs

Specification Name Value
Product Dimension
16 X 30 X 17 Inches
Product Weight
68 Pounds
Type Of Microwave
Over Range
Power Capacity
1500 Watt
Power Level
Output Power
1000 Watt
Power Source
Built Material
Stainless Steel





What is difference in ME16H702SES and Samsung ME16K3000AS model microwaves?

The difference between these two models is that the ME16H702SES is an electric microwave, and the other ME16K3000AS is a non-electric microwave.

How to use samsung microwave oven me16k3000as?

Use Samsung ME16K3000AS Microwave, using the steps below-

  1. Power on the microwave. On the button to cook your food. 
  2. Set the temperature and the timer accordingly. 
  3. And cook the food to your need, and take it out on time.
How to install microwave oven door handle for Samsung ME16K3000AS?

 Install Samsung ME16K3000AS Microwave door handle using the steps below-

  1. First, mount the microwave on the mounting plate. 
  2. Choose the installation type, and finally fix the microwave.
Does Samsung ME16K3000AS need to be hard wired or do you just plug it in?

 Samsung ME16K3000AS has a standard outlet plug. So, it is not hard wired, you must just plug it in.

What is the height of Samsung ME16K3000AS?

The height of Samsung ME16K3000AS Microwave is 17 inches.

Does it’s have cook top light and if so does it throw sufficient light?

 Yes, the Samsung ME16K3000AS Microwave does have a cooktop light. It can be set from high to low light as per our need.

Bottom Line

To conclude Samsung ME16K3000AS Review, it has to be mentioned that this Samsung Over the range microwave oven is truly one of the best in its category, and all credits go to its amazing features and great built. Coming from one of trusted brands, brand value of this product is not to be ignored as well. Apart from everything, analyzing your actual need is the most important factor one should concentrate on before buying any home and kitchen appliances, in this case, a microwave oven.

With different pre-set cooking modes and different power levels, there is no such recipe which this particular Samsung Over range convection microwave cannot handle. With state-of-the-art and powerful yet noiseless venting systems, this can be a perfect addition to any kitchen, especially in a small one.

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