Magic Chef Microwave MCO165UB 1.6 cu ft – Does its job expeditiously!

We always had to face the inconvenience of heating our cooked food on our gas stove whenever a member of our family wanted to eat. This not only consumes a lot of our time but also leads to the usage of lots of utensils and hence more cleaning work will be an outcome. Thanks to the installation of this Magic Chef 1.6 cu. ft. over the range microwave in black, which made the cooking, reheating, and baking process much more convenient and quick in our test. After analyzing, here is our genuine Magic Chef MCO165UB review that you need to check before buying one.

With its 2-speed outlet fan, this Magic Chef OTR microwave reheats the food evenly. It has a modern-looking body with a classic stainless steel finish, which elevates the interior of our kitchen in the best suitable way. We only had to unpack its package, put it on our kitchen counter, plugged it in, and we were good to go. Its control options are very precisely marked out with various buttons, including reheat and defrost. This oven comes with a hood light, which heightens our visibility and assists in its proper functioning. It also has a pull handle, which only requires an easy pull to pop open effortlessly. This product is a cost-effective option that consumes 1000watts of cooking power.

Magic Chef MCO165UB Review of 2023

1. Venting System

Magic Chef microwave over the range comes with a very efficient and powerful venting system. Its venting system is constructed for functioning with three types of ventilation, including horizontal ventilation, vertical ventilation, and recirculation ventilation.

It has a 2-speed exhaust fan, which is significant to the working process of this microwave oven. We are even provided with the facility of adjusting its exhaust fan on low or high setting options depending upon our usage. Though its venting system of this microwave oven produces a vibrating sound while being operated on its high setting option, the noise remains confined to our kitchen only.

2. Cooking Setting

This best over the range microwave for the money is the best, with very advanced and easy to use cooking options. The function of this microwave oven, which we find to be the most important and handy, is its easy reheat and defrost options. It’s so simple to use that even our kids can operate it.

Magic Chef MCO165UB has ten cooking levels with a facility of adjusting the microwave to a lower or higher setting option. We operated the oven on its lower cooking option for frozen or leftover food items and its higher cooking mode for quick heating. This oven works on a moderate 1000watt cooking power. So, it is truly a value for money option for our kitchen interior.

3. Design

Magic Chef OTR MCO165UB has added a contemporary look to our kitchen surroundings. It is a quality product with a durable body and stainless steel finish. The appearance of this microwave oven is so classic that we can even use it in offices, canteens, staff rooms, and restaurants.

This top over the range microwave’s interior is painted white with enough room for cooking an average-sized meal for our family. The modern looks of this over the range are highlighted by its power buttons and easy click technology. Additionally, the hood light fitted in it provides us with clear visibility.

4. Capacity

Magic Chef Over the Range Microwave MCO165UB, which is 19.2inches in height, 33.5inches in width, and 18inches in depth, has ample space for cooking delicious meals for our average-sized family.

Numerically, this Amazon over the range microwave for sale has a capacity of 1.6cu ft, which allows us to cook wide varieties of food with ease and efficiency. It has enough space to carry and cook food on dinner plates and casserole dishes. The glass turntable and exhaust fan accommodated in this microwave oven help the heat to spread all over our food, thus ensuring the food items to be evenly and quickly heated.

5. Pre-Programmed Functions

The exclusive built-in functions of this Magic Chef microwave oven MCO165UB makes our cooking very easy and less time-consuming. It has six pre-programmed auto cook preferences, which are best suited when we are in a hurry to cook meals.

One-touch cooking function of this microwave oven, managed with its power buttons, gives our cooking a high tech experience. Another amazing feature of this oven is its concave reflection system (C.R.S), which uses a venting fan and glass turntable to provide a steady spread of heat and even cooking.



  • Brand : Magic Chef
  • Item model number : MCO165UB
  • Package Dimensions : 33.5 x 19.2 x 18 inches
  • Item Weight : 40 pounds
  • Color : Black
  • Capacity : 1.6 Cubic Feet
  • Cooking Levels : 10
  • Cooking Power : 1000 watts


How many watts is Magic Chef MCO165UB microwave?

The time saving Magic chef over the range microwave oven works on 1000watts of cooking power, which is consumed in the efficient functioning of its powerful venting system.

What color is the interior of this Magic Chef 1.6 cu ft over the range microwave?

Magic Chef over the range microwave MCO165UB has a very modern looking and durable external body made more attractive with its glass finish white interior. The white color gives the microwave a basic contemporary look, which outstandingly contrasts the colors in our kitchen.

What are the exterior dimensions of MCO165UB Magic Chef 1.6 over the range microwave?

The exterior dimensions of Magic Chef MCO165UB over the range microwave for money accounts to approximately 16-17 inches height, 29-30 inches width and 16 inches depth.

Can the turntable be turned off for this Magic Chef over the range microwave 1.6 cf MCO165UB?

The Magic chef microwave oven comes with a built-in turntable glass, which cooperates with the venting system and plays a very significant role in adequate cooking which cannot be turned off.


Reheating the cooked food during meal times was a tedious and time-consuming task for us. Magic Chef microwave model MCO165UB has transformed this task into a time saving and efficient business. Now, we can easily reheat and enjoy our super delicious hot meals. The modern technology of this oven is totally an add on to our kitchen surroundings which give us reasons to cook more.

With all its power buttons, hood light, and one-touch cooking functions, it becomes so easy to operate. Its user-friendly Magic Chef MCO165UB installation manual is like a cherry on top of everything. It is completely safe and comes with UL certification, which prevents us from worrying about electric shocks. So what are you waiting for? Go, check this Magic Chef MCO165UB review and order this microwave oven and make your cooking easy and fun.

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