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Magic Chef 1.6 Cu. Ft. Over The Range Microwave MCO160UW

Whenever it comes to cooking that party menu or simply reheating leftover meals or heating those frozen vegetables for a healthy salad bowl or simply heating milk for your kids, a microwave is the only option that comes to mind and hand. Microwave has its benefits of cooking food such as quick-cooking, smart controls, and while doing all these, you can set yourself free for other stuff. However, buying the best microwave for your needs that suits not only your kitchen furniture but also serves your cooking priorities like taste, texture, and nutrients level. Here is the Magic Chef MCO160UW Review, with a complete set of features, pros and cons. 

Magic Chef MCO160UW Review 2020

Magic chef 1.6 feet cube capacity countertop microwave in stainless steel body is not only durable but also gives the best cooking experience. With its pre-programmed functions, it is easy to cook, and its one-touch control panel allows ease of use. interior hood light and exhaust fan allow keeping a watch over food being cooked and removes all heat generated while cooking, respectively. It is the Magic Chef Microwave Over The Range is easy to install by oneself. 

Magic Chef 1.6 Cu Ft Over The Range Microwave Features

Magic Chef Over range microwave comes with a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet that can allow cooking small to medium-sized dishes at once. a small compact size of microwave also allows you to set it in a compact space with a countertop installation style.

Magic Chef 1.6 cubic feet countertop microwave oven has an easy to use touch control panel with 6 different pre-programmed cooking modes. It allows you to cook food with a single touch that sets time and temperature as well as power levels of its own. It saves much of your efforts and time.

With Magic chef over range microwave, you can now set up to 3 pre-settings of your most cooked dishes or your child’s favorite dishes. This one-touch setting allows even your kid chef to cook delicious meals with one-touch press.

Magic chef microwave oven MCO160UW consumes 1000 W of electricity and has an option to set power levels from 1 to 10 as per requirement of dish and quantity being cooked. It allows minimum usage of electricity and perfect cooking of food without undercooking or overcooking.

Magic chef microwave over range comes with a built-in turntable that is microwave friendly. This rotatory plate will allow food to receive even heating from all sides inside the cooking chamber and gives a perfect texture to food.

Magic Chef Over The Range Microwave has an interior hood light fitted inside the cooking chamber that allows you to take a look at food being cooked. It will help you to prevent any burning of food as it is under constant watch.

Customer Says in Magic Chef MCO160UW Review that it has an exhaust fan that acts as a vent to remove heat and odor from the cooking chamber with ease. It comes with 2 adjustable speeds, which is dependent on the amount of heat generated.

Magic Chef MCO160UW Over The Range Specs

Specification Name Value
Product Dimensions
30 * 16 * 16 inches
Product Weight
52.5 pounds
Brand Name
Magic Chef
Model Number
Installation Type
Over – – Range/ Countertop
Power consumption
1000 W
Power level adjustments
Pre – programmed functions





How to turn the fan around Magic Chef MCO160UW?

Just touch the vent fan button once for high speed, and touch twice for low speed, and touch twice for fan off to turn the fan around Magic Chef MCO160UW Microwave.

Does a Magic Chef MCO160UW Microwave have a fuse?

Yes, Magic Chef MCO160UW microwave does have a fuse.

Does Magic Chef MCO160UW include mounting hardware?

Yes, Magic Chef MCO160UW does have a mounting hardware.

Does this Magic Chef MCO160UW Microwave come with a vent?

Yes, Magic chef microwave has an external vent

Does this Magic Chef MCO160UW Microwave have a light and fan?

Yes, Magic Chef microwave has an internal hood light and an automatic fan that operates with heat generation

Can a Magic Chef MCO160UW be installed at home by self?

Yes, it is very easy to install a unit by itself as a DIY project without the help of any technician. Just
follow the installation guide provided with unit and Voila!

Bottom Line

The microwave by Magic chef will create wonders in the kitchen with its smart advanced features and technological revolution. Its countertop installation as an Over range microwave makes it easily fit into kitchen space. Its one-touch control panel gives ease of use and smart controls over microwave cooking. Also, you can program up to 3 different dishes’ temperature, time, and power controls and save it for future use at one click. With this Magic chef microwave OTR that has a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet, you can easily cook small to medium-sized meals for your compact family. An attached turntable that is microwave friendly allows your food to get heat evenly from all sides.

Buy and Prepare a all your favorute  of foods in the Magic Chef 1.6 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave In Stainless Steel. As it comes with amazing features like Quickly boil, Defrost and re-heat food with the 1,000 watts of power. Yes  you will get 10 cooking levels with 6 pre-programmed auto-cook menus. And its 1.6 cu. ft. capacity offers an ample space for dinner plates and small casserole dishes

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