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LG LMV2031ST Under Cabinet Microwave – Quick solution for your quick meals!


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LG LMV2031ST Review 2020

The microwave has made cooking easier than ever before. With the help of a microwave, you can easily reheat your food, make popcorn, frozen, and canned sides, or defrost your meat in less time. The LG LMV2031ST Microwave Oven is top-rated based on many of its features. An under cabinet microwave often look stylish when placed under your cabinet. Over the range Microwave ovens can give your kitchen a modern and stylish look. Among all, LG Microwave LMV2031ST is one of the best Over the Range Microwave. This Over The Range microwave looks good, well-designed, performs well and has a great, highly efficient venting system. Let us know more about it.

LG Microwave LMV2031ST Overview

LG LMV2031ST Microwave has a 2-litre capacity, that is good enough to prepare food for a small family. This best over the range Microwave has 1000 watts of power and hence gives warm up and reheat food in minutes. What you need to do is to just put the food in a bowl and set the timer on the microwave, then you are done. With LG Microwave LMV2031ST, you will get 6 auto cook features as well, chicken niggers, Mac & Cheese, hot dog, defrost, soften, and melt. The LMV2031ST has given 4 inches of the display (which also has control buttons) but it looks of poor quality. With a dark interior of grey colour, we were expecting high light inside the LG LMV2031ST Over the range microwave, but the bulb light is weak.

When you are using this  LG Microwave Oven over the range, we must have a good light, to check what is cooking and what is happening inside. You can also auto set clock timer of this LG LMV2031ST Microwave with a pre-defined timer or you can also use custom set timers as well.  You can use reheat, for quick food, cook or popcorn functions as well. LG over the Range Microwave has 2.0 cu. ft. This microwave Oven also has a Sensor Cooking’s humidity-sensing technology which helps you prevent overcooking and undercooking.  Hence, you can cook with confidence. QuietPower Ventilation overhead of this LG Microwave Over the Range helps you to remove steam and cooking aromas quietly and quickly. LG Microwave LMV2031ST comes with 8 sensor-cook options which help  you to ensure evenly heated results.


  • Design
  • Performance
  • Multi-stage cooking
  • Other Features

LG LMV2031ST Microwave Oven is very attractive as it comes with the Sleek and wide view exterior design. Its gray color brings a more pleasant look for the unit. Also, there is a 4 digit green display which is very clear and easy to read. Coming to the touchpad, it is very smooth and you can use it easily and quickly with just a single touch. This unit looks modern and matches any kitchen style and decor.

As LG LMV2031ST Microwave Oven comes with the cooking sensor, this unit makes sure to gives you the optimal performance. These sensors sense the moisture level and according to it, the cooking time will be adjusted by it. So, for busy people, this LG LMV2031ST makes life much easier with Auto and rapid defrost. Furthermore, for making popcorns quickly, this unit has a preprogrammed popcorn button. Without any noise, you can enjoy cooking the food in it as it works silently.

There will be some dishes which require different power levels at different stages in the cooking cycle. So, this LG LMV2031ST Over the Range Microwave Oven helps you to program up to 2 or 3 stages. If you want to defrost at the first stage, then for 50% power, you can simply choose to cook for 4 minutes and 70% power for 5 min and 30 sec.

  • Spacious 2.0 cu. ft. interior.
  • SmoothTouch glass digital controls.
  • 1000W of cooking power and 10 cooking levels.
  • Humidity-sensing technology.
  • One-touch and custom settings.
  • Auto, time and rapid defrost.
  • DDS turntable.
  • EasyClean interior.
  • Cooktop light.
  • QuietPower ventilation system.
  • Removable charcoal filter.


Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimensions
29.9 x 15.9 x 16.4 inches
Item Weight
63 pounds
Stainless Steel
Installation Type
Limited Warranty
1 Year on Parts and Labor, 10 Years Limited on Magnetron
56 liters
120 volts
1000 watts

LG – Life’s Good

LG Electronics Inc. is a South Korean company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, and is part of the LG Group. LG comprises four business units namely Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliance & Air Solution, and Vehicle Components. LG Electronic products include home theatre systems, televisions, refrigerators, computer monitors, washing machines, wearable devices, smartphones and smart appliances.  In 2011, LG Electronics was the world’s second-largest television manufacturer. 


  • 2.0 cu. ft. capacity
  • 1000-Watt cooking power
  • Smooth touch Glass controls
  • Ease of use
  • Sensor Cooking
  • Melt-and-Soften feature
  • Auto timed and rapid defrost settings
  • Limited Warranty of 1 Year Parts and Labor


  • Uses less voltage
  • Great performance
  • Auto-on/off feature
  • User-friendly
  • 4 fan speed is quite helpful
  • Great design
  • Quiet


  • Quite poor visibility under microwave
  • Less number of presets


How to remove vent cover from LG LMV2031ST Microwave?

Follow the steps below to remove vent cover from LG LMV2031ST Microwave-

  1. Firstly, switch off the power and remove the cords. 
  2. Then, remove the vent cover mounting screws. 
  3. And lastly, remove the cover from it, and you can replace it with another. 
Does LG LMV2031ST Microwave have a light for the range?

No, LG LMV2031ST Microwave doesn’t have a light for the range.

Does LG LMV2031ST Microwave have to be vented outside?

 It is not necessary that LG LMV2031ST has to be vented outside. It can be vented anywhere.

How to install LG LMV2031ST Microwave?

Follow the steps below to install a LG LMV2031ST Microwave-

  1. First, prepare the electrical connections, and the venting system. 
  2. Then, make ready the venting blower and the upper cabinet. 
  3. Finally, install the mounting plate and attach the oven to the wall. 

Bottom Line

Overall LG Microwave LMV2031ST  is a good over the range microwave, that can be mounted over easily and hence easy to use. Design wise this LG over the range Microwave looks pretty good. LG comes with an attractive design, with silver/black colour. The Control buttons of this LG LMV2031ST  microwave given on smooth touch Glass. Therefore easy to operate and touch. The EasyClean interior of this best LG over the range microwave resists all the stains and easily wipes clean. We believe the LG over the range microwave reviews is more helpful for your shopping. To get latest updates on all best Over the Range Microwaves, stay in touch with us. Thank You!!

LG LMV2031ST has a Spacious 2.0 cu. ft. interior, SmoothTouch glass digital controls, 1000W of cooking power and 10 cooking levels. Also has the Humidity-sensing technology, One-touch and custom settings, QuietPower ventilation system. Removable charcoal filter.

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