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Kenmore 80333 Review 2020

Over the range microwave is an appliance, that act as space saver device in your kitchen. This Over the range microwave can be installed above the range. They are sometimes also called as ‘above the stove’ or ‘over the counter’. These multi-purpose microwaves usually incorporate ventilation in the structure of the oven itself. The Over the range microwaves are perfect for the people who are in need of a modern kitchen appliance. Since these OTR’s have become popular over the last two years, there is a wide variety of microwaves available for us to choose from. As of now, Kenmore 80333 over the range Microwave is the best one. This is the best Over the range microwave today. Im here to present you the Kenmore 80333 Reviews now. Lets us have a close look at this.

Kenmore 80333 Over the range Microwave

The Kenmore 80333 over the range microwave gives you more features which are useful for preparing snacks and meals. Even though this Kenmore Microwave does not have convection cooking, it has most of the standard characteristics that every over the range microwave has. With 1,000 watts and 10 power levels, Kenmore 80333 microwave is relatively more powerful. The size of this best microwave is average and however, it has enough interior capacity of 1.7 cubic feet. Kenmore Over the Range microwave also presents a good number of sensor options. The Sensors that comes with this Kenmore 80333 Over the stove microwave determine how much time your food needs to cook by just finding the humidity levels. This Kenmore microwave has sensor-cook options for rice, bacon, frozen entrees and also breakfasts.

The Kenmore Oven also has four sensor reheat options to make sure your leftovers are at the right temperature and moreover not overdone. This best Kenmore microwave filters and recirculates hot or smoky air in your kitchen. The fan that comes with this Kenmore 80333 turns on automatically if your microwave senses any tainted air. This is the best feature found in most of the best microwaves. The vent is hidden in this Kenmore microwave oven 80333. Keypad of this Kenmore 80333 microwave is simple and uncluttered with flat buttons. Cooktop lights on the hood illuminate your Microwave Oven and hence you can clearly see the food you are preparing. You can turn off your turntable function if you are cooking your food in a heavy dish.


  • Design
  • Control Panel
  • Convenience
  • One-touch sensor technology
  • Performance

Kenmore 80333 Microwave comes with an inoffensive design. So, irrespective of the decor, it looks good in any kitchen. The handle might be the same for all the Kenmore products but mostly it won’t match with your existing microwave oven unless it is from another brand. It comes with 1.7 cu. ft cavity which is spacious enough to handle multiple dishes at a time. If you take the similar-priced microwave over the range ovens, they will definitely won’t match the 80333 standards and features.

This Kenmore 80333 Over the range Microwave has the traditional control panel which is very easy to use. It is user-friendly and you can quickly prepare your favorite meals with the help of this control panel. It has controls like Auto Reheat, Auto Cook, and Defrost. There is also a child lock, with which you can stop the hazards that happen when the children started playing with it.

With one-touch sensor technology, it is very easy to cook, defrost or reheat your food. As I said the control panel of Kenmore 80333 Over the Range Microwave Oven is very user-friendly, you can understand the level of convenience. It is very convenient that if you want to heat up the Pizza or Popcorn or Veggies you can do it with just a touch of a button. Yes, it is providing those one-touch selections which you may not find in the other similar-priced over the range microwaves.

Kenmore 80333 Over the Range Microwave Oven uses the One-touch sensor technology which takes out the guesswork for whether the food is heated sufficiently or not. Now, you don’t have to guesstimate the reheat times as the sensors ensure your food is heated just right. During the cooking cycle, it monitors specific levels of humidity and makes sure your food is ready to eat.

Kenmore 80333 Microwave Oven performs well with its best features. We can say that those features are considerable for its price. You can cook as quickly as possible and that too in an easy way. As it uses Sensor cooking, you don’t need to guess or estimate the reheat times. As the capacity is 1.7 cu ft, it may not be sufficient for some but it takes ample quantity of dishes which will be enough for a medium-sized family.


Specification Name Value
Item model number
Kenmore 80333
Width, Height, Width
29.875″, 16.406″, 27″
53.6 lbs
Stainless Steel
Vent Location and Direction
Vertical and horizontal
General Warranty
1 year

Kenmore Microwave Oven 80333 Focus Points

  • The 1.7 cu. ft. Kenmore microwave has enough cooking capacity to give you a full family-sized frozen meal and leftovers.
  • Kenmore Microwave Oven 80333 is perfect for heating up a good, healthy meal and avoids babysitting the stove.
  • The 1,000-watt cooking power of this Kenmore 80333 microwave delivers even cooking and heating regardless you are defrosting, cooking or re-heating.
  • 10 power-level settings of this Kenmore Microwave gives you more cooking control and hence your food comes out hot and delicious each time.
  • Kenmore 8033 Over the range Microwave have quick Touch buttons that give you easy access to a wide selection of preprogrammed settings, like Melt/Soften, Popcorn, and Potato.
  • One touch controls of Kenmore over the range Microwave let you automatically cook for 1-, 2- or 3-minute cycles so that you can toss in a meal or leftovers with less struggle.
  • You can simply make a selection of foods like frozen dinners, bacon, dinners, rice or casseroles, and let your Kenmore microwave do the remaining job.
  • A 300-CFM 2-speed venting system of Kenmore 80333 helps you to clear the air of smoke from the cooktop and odours from the entire kitchen.
  • You get a one cooking rack with this Kenmore 80333 microwave, which doubles the available cooking space. Hence you can heat more than one plate at a time.
  • You can turn off the turntable function if you are cooking food in a heavy dish. So the turntable need not struggle under the weight.
  • The warranty on this Kenmore microwave oven 80333 is standard one year on parts and labour. Moreover, it does not include any additional coverage on the magnetron, which is an essential component.

Kenmore Appliances for Home and kitchen

Kenmore is a brand of household appliances sold by Sears, Roebuck and Co. The brand new Kenmore first introduces a four-drawer drop feed sewing machine sold from 1913 to 1919. The Kenmore brand truly is 100 years of trusted performance. They deliver products that perform at a high level across the home, to get the job done right the first time. Kenmore also has a professional line of appliances namely Kenmore Pro. Later, Sears, in 1976, expanded the Kenmore name to its line of freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers, which were previously branded as Coldspot. As of now the products of Kenmore are produced by LG, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Panasonic, Daewoo Electronics and Cleva North America.


  • Electronic touch controls
  • Auto Cook
  • Auto Reheat
  • One-Touch Sensor


  • Easy to Use Controls
  • Cooks fast
  • Very quiet
  • Multiple options
  • Eight Humidity Sensor Options
  • Child Lockout Protection
  • One-Touch Sensor


  • No Delay Start


Where is the line fuse in the Kenmore 80333 Over the range Microwave?

The line fuse is located inside the cabinet of Kenmore 80333 Over the Range Microwave, often near the magnetron.

Who manufactures Kenmore 80333 Microwave?

 The Kenmore 80333 is manufactured by leading manufacturers for Sears. Sears does not manufacture anything by themselves. Also, many other manufacturers like Whirlpool, LG, GE and Samsung also manufacture them.


You can finally update your kitchen with this Kenmore 80333 Over the range Microwave oven. This Over the counter microwave is simply good to use. This best Over the range microwave is pretty cool. It has all the alarms and functions that you would need and its quiet! The fan blows out of the house and all the speeds are not very loud. Kenmore 80333 microwave is very powerful and you can defrost or cook something very easily and quickly. A frozen egg roll will take less than 60 seconds to cook. Hope these Kenmore 80333 Reviews are more helpful for you. Keep visiting us to know more about over the range microwaves. Thank you!! happy Shopping!!!

Kenmore 80333 has 1.7 cubic feet capacity and 1000 watts power range. Two-Speed, 300-CFM venting system. Turntable On/Off. All-together, Kenmore 80333 is the best microwave with which you can cook fast and control easily.

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