Impecca COM1600B Over The Range Microwave – Add Elegance to your Kitchen Counter

Late-night snacking could become boring if there isn’t a way to heat the food or any leftovers when you are hungry. A microwave comes as a quick-fix to fill your stomach for much better relief. But as there are many ovens in the market, choosing the perfect one can be a bit of a challenge. We have found the right microwave oven for you, eliminating this fuss—the Impecca OM1600 Microwave Oven. The moment we set our eyes on this Best Countertop Microwave, it captivated us with its look. While testing its efficiency, we were spell-bound by its overall features. Let us check out the detailed Impecca COM1600B Review, with its features and all.

The food can be ready to be devoured just in seconds because of this Impecca OTR microwave oven’s high power. It’s a relatively large machine that can be fit over the range without taking up a lot of space in your kitchen. Its spacious nature allows us to store big bowls or pans if need be. It is safeguarded by a child lock, making the cooking and heating food convenient and quick. You can instantly heat all our food items whenever you wish to, just with a slight push of a button. A wide variety of preset buttons present in it makes it the smart machine.

Impecca COM1600B Review 2022

1. Cooking Controls

The Impecca over-the-range microwave makes cooking and heating quick, easy, and convenient. This device is a step ahead, considering the technology integrated into it. Several menus allow one-touch cooking controls. All of us enjoy eating popcorn, pizzas, burgers, beverages like tea or coffee without any hassle.

This Best Rated Countertop microwave has separate operational buttons that are preset for an optimal time to ensure the best outcome. Sometimes, you can see that the quick 30 seconds cooking time doesn’t seem to do the work. Halfway you can press the +30 seconds button to increase the time without needing to stop this appliance. You have both options to manually or automatically set this oven to get a personalized food experience.

2. Venting System

The Black over the range microwave is designed strategically to circulate heat evenly throughout its system, ensuring homogeneous heating for food. There is a 2-speed vent system that’s using this microwave as a range hood. It holds a powerful 300 cfm (cubic feet per minute) ventilation fan.

This fan is responsible for removing smoke, steam, and odors. There are surface lights that enlighten the surface around this oven. They are placed underneath. These lights come in handy at sneak cheat meals at night, reducing the hassle of carrying an extra flash. This microwave has a physical vent installed that pushes the removed air through a series of ducts, eventually releasing the air outside. Thus, this mechanism will provide a safe and clean environment in our kitchen.

3. Design

Impecca OM-1600 Over the Range Microwave has been designed intrinsically to cater to its operator’s needs. The machine’s dimensions are 29.88″ x 17.69″ x 16.88″ (WxDxH). It has a wide storage space, ample around 1.6 cubic feet capacity. This OTR microwave has an LED screen touchpad control system that helps monitor the timing and also our food’s weight settings.

This microwave oven comes with a digital timer that could assist with every task in your house requiring constant monitoring. It comes in three color variants: black, white, and stainless steel. There is a digital clock with a working time of 99.99 minutes. Its unit cavity dimensions are 21.31″ x 14.63″ x 10.19″ inches (WxDxH) and a 12.4 inches turntable glass tray with a roller ring.

4. Technical Specifications

This oven is a tech-heavy machine, and it has nuances that go unnoticed by buyers. However, some of its unique specialties are to be discussed to know more about this device in detail. The power consumption by black stainless over the range microwave is 120 Voltage – 60Hz and 1650 Watts. It gives an output of 1000W, and its operating frequency is 2450MHz.

There is a mica wave guard cover essential for the good performance of this machine. Charcoal filters present are replaceable in a period of 6 to 12 months only by an authorized technician. There are grease filters that need to be present while using fans and the oven; cleaning them monthly will ensure durability.

5. Ease In Cleaning

One of the most tiring parts of a machine is the process of cleaning it. This one small thing can create a great hassle in reality. Thanks to the best budget over the range microwave, we can easily clean it without any fuss. Cleaning this product automatically increases its durability and sustainability.

The work output remains optimal, and it does not put a load on its power consumption. Its user manual explains the cleaning process in detail. This Impecca 1.6 cu. ft. Over-the-Range 30” Microwave Oven, because of its accessibility and detachable parts, filters, carousel, and ring, makes it an ideal fit for easy cleaning. It prevents odor from seeping in and spoiling our food kept in it. Roller ring cleaning helps not to build up any excessive noise.


Impecca 1.6 Cu Ft Over The Range Microwave Specs

  • Brand: Impecca
  • Dimensions: 29.88 x 17.69 x 16.88 inches
  • Weight: 62 Pounds
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Human Interface Input: TouchPad
  • Capacity: 1.6 Cubic Feet
  • Energy Consumption: 1000 Watts


Does Impecca COM1600B over the range microwave have a carousel?

Yes, this Impecca 30 inch microwave over the range has a carousel. It measures a 12.4 inches turntable or carousel accompanied by a roller ring.

Where is this Impecca OM 1600 unit made?

The country of origin of 1.6 cu ft Impecca microwave over the range is the United States of America. The components originate from the US or imported.

Does Impecca COM1600B 1.6 cu. ft. over the range microwave vent to the outside?

Impecca OM1600 Microwave Oven comes with a vent to its inside. However, it can vent outside. The instructions are mentioned in its manual.


We have come to the end of this Impecca OM-1600 Over the Range Microwave review, and let’s wrap up some of this product’s key elements. This Impecca Over the Range Microwave is a fully loaded machine intended to cook and heat your food dishes. This over-the-range microwave oven gives a range of features for personalized results for every operator. Power consumption is relatively low, and it does not add significant numbers to your electricity bill. It is one of the best budget Over the Range microwave under 300$ that makes it stand out from its competitors.

This Impecca COM1600B Review is intended to provide clarity on this 1.6 cu ft over the range microwave, and we hope it provides you answers to any queries that strike your mind. We have kept it crisp and clear with abundant information regarding this oven.

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