Simple Guide to Mount Over the Range Microwave

Our everyday activities from boiling water within few minutes to defrosting meat in a second, microwaves have become an integrated part of our lives. A microwave can save so much of cooking time in the kitchen, especially when we run from poles to pillars to complete our chores in the morning. However, due to their larger footprint, microwaves also occupy large counter space. This is where over the range microwaves come to our rescue. Let us see How to Mount Over the Range Microwave in this article.

How to Mount Over the Range Microwave?

Over the range microwaves as the name suggests, are mounted on the wall above your cooking range. These microwaves serve the dual purpose of a microwave and a range hood. Hence you get better savings and more space in your kitchen.

How to Mount Over the Range Microwave image
How to Mount Over the Range Microwave image

Wall Mount For Over the Range Microwave

When installing the microwave above the cooking range, always measure the height from the stove range to the bottom of the oven mount. This height must be at least 30 inches.

For installing over the range microwaves you would need a wall mount or a wall bracket, which will hold the microwave in place. A wall mount is usually a painted black steel piece, designed to mount and bear the weight of a microwave.

Mount Over the Range Microwave

Before mounting an over the range microwave, certain preliminary measures are necessary. Measure the center of the space where the microwave needs to be fixed. If there are no extra spaces in the sides, then the microwave fits like a glove.

A medium to the heavy microwave needs at least one stud to hang. So make sure to locate the stud before mounting the wall mount. Keep the wall mount on the space designated and mark the location of the bolts.

Keep the wall mount nice and level and then run the screws through the holes. Then use the template provided by the microwave manufacturer and mark the screw holes to fix the microwave on the wall.

Use a drill and fix the screws through the marked holes. Move the adjustable arms of the wall mount to hold the microwave at the bottom.

Now use the provided holes in the metal arms to add the necessary nuts and bolts. That’s it! You are good to go.

Weight Limit for Over the Range Microwave Mount under A Cabinet

Mounting an over the range microwave requires two people. So it is always necessary to take care that the microwave is not too heavy.

If you are planning to buy a microwave, check for the weight of the model and the availability of the wall mount to hold the weight of the microwave chosen. If you have already bought a microwave, try and find the wall mount that would match the weight of the microwave or is higher than the weight.

Weight Limit for Over the Range Microwave Mount under A Cabinet image

Place the electric cord on top of the microwave so that it remains handy when you want to plug in your microwave. While one person holds to the microwave, the other person needs to position the bottom edge to fit into the bottom of the mounting plate.

Look for the tabs in the wall mount which can fit the corresponding slots in the bottom of the microwave. Once the microwave is positioned, push the electric cord through the opening in the cabinet. Now slightly lift the microwave and place back into position.

While the microwave is held by one person, the other one can reach up and install the mounting bolts through the cabinet in the top end of the microwave. Similarly, tighten the bolts to secure the microwave at the bottom.

The installation is completed by plugging in the power cord and start using the microwave.

Final Thoughts

Mounting an over the range microwave is not a difficult job and can be done on your own, using simple tools. However, you would definitely need an additional helping hand to help you mount the microwave. Sometimes when you cannot identify the stud, you need to look for professional help to find one for you.

We hope this guide on How to Mount Over the Range Microwave gave you the necessary information to wall mount your microwave as a DIY project. Keep visiting for more useful information.

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