Guide to Install Over the Range Microwave in your Home

Over the Range Microwave ovens refer to a set up where your oven is placed above the cooktop. This type of mounting is preferred because of the convenience of use and to clear out space. Now we are going to see How to Install Over the Range Microwave in this article.

How to Install Over the Range Microwave?

As said below, this type of microwave is designed especially for installing above the cooktop on the wall, with inbuilt vents to exhaust fumes from the cooking range. The installation will require professional help if you expect proficiency.

How to Install Over the Range Microwave image
How to Install Over the Range Microwave image

How to Install a Microwave over the Range with Vent?

Over the Range Microwaves are most conveniently placed and perform dual functionalities as microwave and vents. While installing a microwave designed for such a job, the vent is usually built into the wall and is easy to install if you are building a new kitchen or remodeling an existing one.

Installing Over the Range Microwave

The most common way to install a microwave is using a cabinet. The first step would be to install a cabinet. To install over the range microwaves, you need enough space between wall cabinets in the range and the cooktop. As also, you should consider the space between the cabinets and the ceiling.

Determine if the space between wall cabinets flanking the range is about 30 inches. If it is more than that, then you need to add filler strips that will match your cabinets.

In case, there is a cabinet right above the range, determine the height between the cooking range and the cabinet. If the height is less than 30 inches, then you might have to remove the cabinets.

If you already have a range hood installed, take the help of a professional to disconnect it from the system.

Over the Range Microwave Installation Guide

  • Start by installing the vent and cover the area with drywall. If you are building a new kitchen, then make sure to install the vent through the wall and plaster it appropriately.
  • Install the outlet through the cabinets to exhaust fumes from the range. This needs to be done as over the range microwaves hang from the cabinet.
  • It is important to channel the air in the right direction while installing an over the range microwave. It may either vent through the wall or the roof.
  • A mounting plate needs to be installed to the wall. Add bolts at the designated spot in the plate. These bolts will pass through the bottom of the cabinet to the top of the microwave.
  • More often the manufacturer provides a template to drill holes at the appropriate spot. Place the template on the wall and drill as per the direction provided. If the template is not available, call for a professional to mark the spots.
  • Next step would be to attach the mounting plate to the wall. Place the studs to the designated spots and tighten them. Use heavier toggle bolts as the whole weight of the over the range microwave will be borne by the mounting plate.
  • Take help and hang your Over the Range Microwave on the mounting plate. Place the cord on top of the microwave and then push it through the hole to reach the upper cabinet.
  • Bolt the microwave to the cabinet and mounting plate as per the instructions in the manual. Use the screws that come with your manufacturer’s installation kit. Ensure that you tighten the screw with a wrench.
  • Next step would be to plug in the microwave into a socket and check if it is working fine.

How to install Over the Range Microwave without a cabinet?

If you planning to set up your over the range microwave without a cabinet on top, mount it on a wall. Use a wall mount accessory brackets that have adjustable support arms and can be attached to the bottom of the microwave.

Measure above the cooking range and mark a spot to mark the height of the bottom of the microwave. Position the wall mount accessory bracket on the wall with the upper rail being horizontal and the support arms extending out.

Adjust the railing and support arms to align with the studs. Place the microwave on the support arms and adjust the arms. From below, use self-tapping screws through holes in the support arms, to attach the microwave with the arms. Plug in your over the range microwave to the electrical socket and start using your microwave.

Final thoughts

Installing an over the range microwave oven is not a difficult task if you get some helping hand. Although using professional help might save time and improve proficiency, doing it yourself can save a lot of money and provide the satisfaction of being independent. You can easily install your over the range microwave with our guide and using the tools mentioned above. For more information regarding Best Over The Range Microwave, keep visiting our website.

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