2.1 Cu Ft GE Profile PVM9215SKSS Microwave Oven – Easy to Install & Use!

What makes any microwave oven a valuable buy is its high-level functionality and smart control features. With GE profile PVM9215SKSS microwave oven, you get both and more! After testing this one, here’s a detailed GE PVM9215SKSS review by us, which we are sure that you will be more than eager to buy this machine at the end of this whole analysis.

This GE over the range microwave oven has a large capacity of about 2.1 cubic feet, which makes it easier to host parties or any event per se. It is not at all high-maintenance and can be easily operated and cleaned. This device has various cooking and defrosting options that can be quite fruitful for budding chefs. Apart from those, it has innovative features like Chef Connect and Humidity Sensors that will alert you about its unit’s workings. The noise level of this over the range microwave oven is not at all disturbing and gives top-level performance each time. This won’t take much of your space, and you can avail all of its intelligent features feasibly.

GE PVM9215SKSS Review of 2023

1. Design

GE 2.1 cu ft microwave over the range is 33.5 x 19.4 x 20.2 inches in its dimensions and weighs about 62.1 pounds. This oven has a capacity of 2.1 cu. ft. and comes with a controllable turntable of 14.2 inches. Its stainless steel body gives this appliance a classy and robust look, along with a black non-stick easy-clean enamel interior.

This Over-the-Range Microwave with 1000 Watts has a 4-Speed 400 CFM Vent Fan, and the unit works well in 120v. It has an LED cooktop lighting with modes like bright, night, or off, which helps to keep an eye on our food’s status. This microwave oven comes with odor-removing charcoal filters and reusable, washable vent filters, making it easy for us to clean it.

2. Smart Cooking Settings

Smart cooking settings are what we always look out for in any ovens. GE profile microwave 2.1 cubic feet oven has a Chef Connect feature. It would help you connect this device through Bluetooth technology, which will sync your unit’s vent fan, clock, and cooktop lights! This unit allows you with My Cycle to set a custom cook time setting, through which you can cook your food with just one touch.

There are two cook time options that you can choose from. With cook time ‘I,’ you can cook in it for 15 seconds to 99 minutes. And with the cook time II, you can change power levels automatically while cooking. To defrost, you can choose from Weight Defrost and Time Defrost. With Weight Defrost, you can evenly defrost meat, fish, and poultry products, and this machine automatically sets the time and power levels to it. And with Time Defrost, you can defrost for a selected amount of time.

3. Sensor Features

This 400 cfm over the range microwave oven comes with Humidity Sensors that detect if there is an increase in our dish’s humidity while cooking. And its smart functionality adjusts the cooking time automatically depending on the type and quantity of food. These sensor features don’t operate when this oven is too hot; instead, it shows “OVEN TOO HOT FOR SENSOR COOKING—USING ALTERNATE METHOD” in its display. When this happens, this oven automatically changes to cool by time, or when the oven cools down, these sensor features start to function.

To avail of this feature without any problem, make sure to use proper containers with covers. This feature makes sure to protect your unit from any damage and ensures a healthy unit for an extended period.

4. Multiple Power Level

An ingenious feature of GE microwave over the range oven is its multi-power level. It makes your cooking a versatile and flexible experience. These power levels determine the process of cooking and how fast it will cook. At power level 10, which is the maximum level, our food item that is kept in it will be cooked pretty quickly.

Some kinds of food items taste better when stirred and cooked at a medium or slow pace. For that purpose, one can adjust the power level accordingly like High 10, Med-High 7, Medium 5, Low 2 or 3, and Warm 1 depending on the food they are preparing. It is easy to choose any power level just by turning the dial clockwise to increase the level or counterclockwise to decrease the power level while cooking or before starting to cook.

5. Vent Filters

The main reason behind this oven becoming the best over the range microwave for sale is its venting system. This oven comes with a vent fan that has two metal reusable vent filters. Its reusable Vent Filters make sure to trap the grease that gets released from our food while cooking and make sure to protect this unit from excess cooking heat.

These vent filters must be cleaned once a month to keep this unit running safely and effectively. It has charcoal filters that remove excess odor and smoke from all the cooking. These charcoal filters can be replaced when required, which is generally after 6 to 12 months depending on our usage, and it is very easy to install new filters. This microwave oven’s charcoal filters come with an indicator light that alerts you timely whenever they need to be changed.


Specifications of GE Microwave PVM9215SKSS

  • Brand Name : GE
  • Item model number : PVM9215SKSS
  • Color : Stainless Steel
  • Installation Type : Easy Mount
  • Product Dimensions : 33.5 x 19.4 x 20.2 inches
  • Item Weight : 62.1 pounds
  • Capacity : 2.1 Cubic Feet
  • Energy Consumption : 1000 Watts
  • Vent Fan : 4-Speed 400 CFM


Does PVM9215SKSS GE OTR microwave come with a rack for 2 level cooking at the same time?

Unfortunately, no. GE microwave PVM9215SKSS oven doesn’t come with a rack for 2 levels of cooking at the same time.

Could this GE PVM9215SKSS over the range microwave be used on the counter for a short time before being mounted over the range?

Yes, this GE PVM9215SKSS 400 cfm 2.1 cu ft over the range microwave can be used on your counter if you have enough space for it.

Does this GE Profile PVM9215SKSS 2.1 cu ft microwave require a charcoal filter for non-vented installation?

This GE Profile PVM9215SKSS 2.1 cu. ft. microwave comes with charcoal filters; you just need to adjust the fan’s direction according to your setup.


While concluding this GE profile PVM9215SKSS review, the only thing we can think of is how efficiently this one operates. What makes this an interesting buy are its humidity sensors and reusable vent filters that ensure to protect this unit from overheating. And the best part is its charcoal filter indicator that alerts you when the easily changeable filters need to be replaced.

GE over the range microwave stainless steel PVM9215SKSS makes cooking a pleasurable and tension-free experience with its key features. Not only just that, but its multi-power level makes your cooking more versatile and convenient. With this microwave OTR, you can cook a large quantity of food seamlessly, and that too very fast. This multitalented GE PVM9215SKSS Microwave Oven, with its various cooking and defrosting settings, make sure to bring the much-needed diversity and flexibility to your kitchen!

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