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GE PVM9005SJSS 2.1 cu ft Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

To make cooking much simpler and reduce cooking time is what everyone would desire for considering busy office and school schedules nowadays. To have a good cooking companion is an easier solution, and a GE over range microwave oven is one you might need. Once you place meals inside the oven and adjust settings, the oven will take care of cooking, and thus your cooking time is saved to a larger extent. It is incorporated with simpler controls for operating easily. Here is complete GE PVM9005SjSS Review along with pros and cons. Have a look at it. 

GE PVM9005SJSS Review 2020

GE PVM9005SJSS Over the range Microwave is one of most popular microwaves in the market. This Stainless steel 33 inch over range microwave is more durable and a user-friendly unit. 1000 watts power, auto cook options like- popcorn, potato, pizza, vegetables, rice, etc. The child lock function helps to make this microwave unit more popular. Its stainless steel body with black design provides an elegant look for the unit. 1.7 cu.ft space capacity, 1000 watts power, and child lock make this GE Microwave Stainless Steel over the range Microwave one of best choices. The main advantage of this GE Over the Range Microwave Oven is its one-touch settings. easy-clean helps us to clean the oven even without any hassle. Multiple cooking functions and an auto defrost menu help to warm your favorite frozen food very easily.

GE PVM9005SJSS Over the range Microwave Features

The auto defrosts menu helps to warm our favorite frozen meals very easily. We don’t want to worry about defrost cooking settings for our favorite food. Sometimes with your wrong settings, it may spoil your entire meal. Thus, this option of this GE 2.1 Over the range Microwave is very helpful in getting rid of those situations. 

GE over range microwave ovens have an easy to clean interior, which helps you to clean the microwave interior even without any hassle. To remove stains and other sticky food items inside an oven, all you do is just wipe with a damp cloth. Moreover, this function is not common in every unit.

This GE Stainless Steel Microwave oven PVM1762ST has a built-in child lock function. This function is very important for home use. Its Child lock function helps to lock the microwave to prevent unexpected opening and getting heat burns. So if you have small kids at your home, make sure to enable this feature to prevent any unwanted access by small children. GE PVM9005SJSS Over Range Microwave oven with child lock feature is a safer oven to be used at homes where there are small kids.

GE Over Range Microwave has a capacity of 2.1 cubic feet, which is quite large enough to cook a wide variety of dishes. Cooking bowl sizes of 2.1 cubic feet can be easily accommodated inside the oven. So whether preparing evening snacks or meals, this GE 2.1 Over Range Microwave is a perfect choice.

GE Microwave Stainless Steel Over Range oven features a variable venting system that consists of five venting steps for better and efficient control of airflow power and speed. GE Microwave oven has a hidden vent design, which imparts a sleek and elegant look to the oven.

GE Over Range Microwave PVM9005SJSS has a power rating of 1000 watts. There are 10 different power levels so that you can select the required power level required for cooking or baking dishes perfectly.

As mentioned in GE PVM905SJSS Review, it has preprogrammed options with one-touch settings for making your cooking much easier. You just have to select among different cooking settings provided on the control panel. Whether baking pizzas or frying potatoes or popping up popcorn, all these can be done by selecting a switch provided on the control panel.

By enabling energy savings feature, power consumption of the oven is reduced to a larger extent. If the oven is not active for five minutes, then the display will be automatically switched off to save power. Also, energy consumption of GE Microwave Stainless Steel Over Range oven reduces to as low as 0.1 watts when energy savings feature is turned on

GE Over the Range PVM9005SJSS Specs

Specification Name Value
Product Dimensions
33 x 21 x 20.5 inches
Product weight
70 pounds
Product Model Number
Installation Type
Over Range
Stainless Steel
1000 watts
2.1 cubic feet
Exhaust fan capacity
300 CFM
1 Year Parts and Labor, 10 Years Limited on Magnetron





How to install charcoal filter in GE PVM9005SJSS?

Install a charcoal filter in GE PVM9005SJSS using the steps below-

  1. Switch off the power and disconnect the plug. 
  2. Open the microwave oven, and slide in the filter door. 
  3. Now, you can easily remove the old filter, and replace the new one. 
  4. Finally, close the door, and switch on the power. 
Does the GE PVM9005SJSS vent from the top or the back of the unit?

The GE PVM9005SJSS vent from the top to the outside of the unit.

Does the GE PVM9005SJSS microwave come with a mounting bracket?

 Yes, of course the GE PVM9005SJSS microwave comes with a mounting bracket.

Bottom Line

GE 30″ Stainless Over Range Microwave incorporates all necessary features to make your cooking much easier and simpler. As the oven comes with simple one-touch settings and pre-programmed functions, there is nothing much to get confused about. Anyone can operate GE PVM9005SJSS Over Range Microwave easily. It is a great oven range oven with very easy installation. Also, the instruction manual provides all necessary instructions in a much simpler way, which is easy to understand. Except for some minor flaws, such as no kitchen timer button and no option for switching off turntable, GE over range microwave is a good quality oven that is reliable and long-lasting. So it is all about GE PVM9005SJSS Review hope you get it to choose the Best over the range Microwave for Kitchen.

In terms of performance and quality, GE 2.1 Over Range Microwave PVM9005SJSS is the best over range microwave oven with a lot of positive reviews from customers. Once you install this oven in your kitchen, you can save your cooking time as well as make cooking much simpler than before.

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