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GE JVM7195SFSS Review 2020

An Over the range is a microwave which features an inbuilt microwave hanging over the range. The GE JVM7195SFSS Microwave Oven Over the Range is one among them. This is the best Over the range microwave that is available on Amazon. Over the Range Microwave gives you a number of different functions which include saving your counter space and ability to cook all types of foods items and recipes within a very short period of time. Some people fee that installing an over the range microwave is hard. But the truth is that the installation of this model is very easy, especially when you have the latest models at the disposal. While choosing a reliable over the range microwave oven, there are some aspects you need to look out for. To know more about this Microwave, let us enter into GE JVM7195SFSS Microwave Over the Range reviews.

GE JVM7195SFSS Microwave Oven

The GE JVM7195SFSS Microwave Oven is a new powerful oven that has been introduced in the market to suit your cooking needs. This Over the Range Microwave is a great looking, easy to use microwave from one of the major brands in the industry. This best over the range Microwave is powered by a 1000 Watt motor. GE JVM7195SFSS Over range Microwave features a 1.9 Cu. Ft capacity. The brand new GE JVM7195SFSS Microwave comes with a sensor cooking which senses the amount of moisture in your food. GE JVM7195SFSS microwave has the ability to adjust its cook time and power usage to meet the demands of the food you’re cooking. This may just be the most important feature to take away from this review. This GE microwave has an elegant stainless steel finish that can blend well with your existing appliances.

The GE JVM7195SFSS  has many easy-to-use features on the keypad. Therefore it is simple for everyone in your home to use, from the oldest to the smallest. The power saver mode of this GE JVM7195SFSS Over the range microwave reduces the amount of power used when the microwave is not in use. This best Over the range Microwave has a 3-speed exhaust fan and electronic touch controls. GE Microwave Over the range provided with a halogen interior light and a 3 speed 300 CFM venting system that removes excess odors and smoke from your kitchen. Hence maintaining your kitchen clean and fresh. This GE Over the range microwave has a weight of 63 pounds and dimensions of 32.8×18.5×19.5 inches. Therefore making it simple to get great results at the very first time you use it.


  • Capacity & Power Saver Mode
  • Sensor Cooking Controls
  • Steam Cook Button
  • Recessed Turntable with On/Off
  • Other Features

GE JVM7195SFSS Over the Range Microwave Oven comes with the cavity of 1.9 cu.ft. This capacity is more than enough for the medium-sized family. You can make multiple dishes at a time. Coming to power, this GE JVM7195SFSS uses 1,100 watts of cooking power (IEC-705 test procedure). There is also a power saver mode which reduces the power consumption when the unit is not in use.

There are built-in sensors available in this Microwave which help the unit to perform well in evenly heating and auto defrost. These sensors monitor the moisture level in the food and based on that it adjusts the power and time automatically to give the best cooking results. Thus, when you want to heat or reheat the food or dished it will evenly heat and also performs excellently in defrosting food.

The control panel of GE JVM7195SFSS Over the Range Microwave Oven is easy and works quickly. This electronic touch panel is very user-friendly and comes several options for our ease of use. The power levels and variety of food selections will help you to prepare the favorite food quickly and easily. You can prepare steamed foods like broccoli, asparagus, and many others for maximum nutrition retention.

This Recessed Turntable with On/Off option is also available in this GE JVM7195SFSS Over the Range Microwave Oven where you can turn ON it to enjoy the even cooking results. When this is turned ON, the food rotates continuously on the turntable. If you want to accommodate the large dishes, then you can turn this feature off. There is also a venting system which helps in removing the smoke, steam, and odors.

  • USDA MyPlate menu: This helps is healthy meal preparation. In this menu, there are 19 foods, 5 food groups, and 44 pre-programmed food combinations.
  • Several preset cooking options for quickly cooking of basic beverages and snacks.
  • Extra lighting.
  • 400-CFM exhaust system.
  • Stainless steel exterior finishes with easy clean-up.
  • Recessed glass turntable provides even cooking without messy spills.


Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimensions
16 x 30 x 17 inches
Item Weight
55 Pounds
stainless steel
Parts Warranty
Limited 1 year
Labor Warranty
Limited 1 year
120 volts
100 Watts

GE Appliances

General Electric (GE) is an American multinational company which is incorporated in New York and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1896, General Electric was one of the original 12 companies listed on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. After 121 years, it is the again one of the original companies still listed on the same Dow index, even though it has not been on the index continuously.  As of now, GE operates through the many segments like Current, Energy Connections, Aviation, Digital, Healthcare, Global Research, Lighting, Power, Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Transportation etc. Recently, in 2017 GE ranked among the Fortune 500 ranked as the thirteenth-largest firm in the U.S. by gross revenue.


  • 1.9 Cu. Ft capacity
  • Can fit easily
  • Good-looking touchpad
  • Easy to use
  • Power-saving option
  • USDA MyPlate menu system


  • Good performance
  • Efficient venting system
  • Good capacity
  • Presets
  • Price
  • Easy to use


  • Inaccurate installation manual
  • Quality control issues


An Over the range microwave is an ideal solution that provides you with the ability to quickly heat up your food, without occupying any countertop space. The GE JVM7195SFSS microwave is the best Over the range microwave oven that comes from a reputable brand. The GE Microwave is designed to meet the expectations for the large majority of households. GE VM7195SFSS Microwave Oven is an affordable and versatile microwave that can easily meet the expectations. After all, cooking the best tasting food is the goal here. I believe the GE VM7195SFSS reviews are more useful for you to select the best Microwave oven. For more updates keep visiting us. Thank you!!!

GE JVM7195SFSS has 1.9 cu. ft. capacity, 1000 Watts (IEC-705 test procedure), Easy clean enamel interior which Makes cleaning spills a snap, Melt feature gives you Worry-free melting of butter, chocolate and cheese

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