GE JVM6175DKWW 1.7 cu. ft. Over The Range Microwave with Sensor Cooking – A Smart Choice for Smart Kitchen

Microwave cooking nowadays has become the need of an hour. But the thing that calls for attention to be paid is to have the best technology microwave oven that may solve your various purposes and be convenient to use. Fetching for one such option, we have come up with this GE microwave JVM6175DKWW oven. With its smart cooking and advanced ventilation technology, this Smart microwave oven brings you the desired efficient results. We tested and analyzed and comes up with this detailed GE JVM6175DKWW Review. This Best Quality Over the Range Microwave thoroughly satisfies our curiosity regarding its functional purposes.

This GE 1.7 over the range microwave in white comes with multiple inbuilt functions that make its operating simpler. Equipped with sensor cooking technology, it automatically sets the cooking time required according to our food’s moisture level. Defrosting and melting can never be simpler than with this over-the-range that is integrated with defrost and melt function. Cooking becomes more playful with its 30seconds to ensure the dish is cooked precisely. Adding on this, its 300CFM ventilation technology caters to comfortable and safe cooking by constantly removing the smoke steam.

GE JVM6175DKWW Review for 2023 (Key Considerations)

1. Sensor Cooking Control

When you are stuck with how much time to set for particular cooking, this white over the range microwave oven of GE 1.7 takes you out of this mess. The sensor cooking control technology automatically sets the power and time for cooking, detecting the amount of moisture present in the food.

This sensor cooking aids in hassle-free cooking without any pain for the time to set, resulting in the delicious food you crave to eat. It comes up with the following in-built sensor modes: Beverage, Melt, Defrost, Potato, Popcorn, and Reheat. These functions help to make cooking easier without taking much time.

2. Melting Feature

While cooking, sometimes or the other, we all get stuck up when it comes to melting anything. Gone are the days that require effort to be put in melting of various types of food items. With GE JVM6175DKWW 30″ over-the-range microwave oven in white that provides you with an easy melting feature, melting is completely stress-free now.

You can very comfortably melt butter, caramel, chocolate, and cheese to cook all your favorite desserts. Simply press a few buttons on this product’s user-friendly control panel, and you are done with it. Thus, saving your time and energy lets you do the task in no time.

3. Venting System

Cooking becomes relaxed when this over the range microwave with sensor cooking works with an efficient ventilation system. With two speed, 300CFM venting systems, it provides safe cooking. It helps remove all the smoke, steam, and odors that might lead to uneasiness to the people in the house.

This over-the-range microwave oven’s powerful ventilation system, cooking anything is not a worry in front of guests who might not feel comfortable with the smoke and steam generating. Unlike many other typical ovens, this microwave oven will remove the stress of unnecessary smoke and steam in your kitchens.

4. Defrosting and Charcoal Filter

With the weight and time defrost feature, just enter the weight of food, and this GE otr microwave will automatically take up the optimum time and power required for defrosting the food. You can even set your desired time it takes for defrosting.

The upfront charcoal filter that comes up with a microwave oven serves well in removing all odors and fumes released during cooking. With the continuous removal of fumes, this filter might get choked. This is known by an indicator light that flashes when this charcoal filter needs replacing. This GE microwave over the range comes with a recirculating charcoal filter kit for all non – vented applications.

5. Some Amazing Features

We figure out some interesting features in this GE JVM6175DKWW Review, as it comes with a 30second feature that lets you add on the 30seconds of cooking time in case it is required. Press its push button, and the time is added quickly. You need not waste your time setting the timer again and again. This oven offers a large cooking capacity to ease you in the situation when you have to cook for a large number of people.

With its capacity of 1.7cu. ft., this white microwave oven comes with cavity dimensions of 20.2″ x 14.4″ x 9.3″ and a turntable of size 11.5″. It works with a max power of 1000W, offering us to cook with 10 power levels at your convenience. Also, the express cook setting facilitates quick cooking in just 1-6 minutes. The incandescent light helps to know what is cooking inside by merely glancing at it.


GE Microwave JVM6175DKWW Specifications

  • Brand: GE
  • Model: JVM6175DKWW
  • Color: White
  • Material: Steel
  • Vent CFM: 300
  • Installation Type: Easy Mount
  • Dimensions : 15 x 29.75 x 16.5 inches
  • Exhaust Fan: 2- Speed, 300 CFM
  • Power Levels: 10
  • Express Cook: 1-5 Minutes
  • Weight : 56.9 pounds
  • Turntable Size: 12.8 Inch
  • Power: 1000W


Does GE over the range microwave 1.7 have lights on bottom and a vent?

Yes, this GE JVM6175DKWW 1.7 Cu. ft Oven comes with a light at the bottom with a high and a low. It is also provided with a vent on the top.

Is GE – 1.7 cu. ft. over-the-range microwave a plug in or hard wired?

The GE Sensor cooking Sensor over the range microwave is a plug-in unit.

What are the dimensions i.e. H x W x D of GE profile over the range microwave?

This GE 1.7cu. ft. over the range microwave has H= 15”, W= 29.75, and D= 16.5”.

Does over the range microwave GE JVM6175DKWW come with filters for recirculating fan?

Yes, this GE 1.7 Cu. Ft. White Over-the-range Microwave Oven comes with a reusable and washable filter for a recirculating fan.

Summing Up

This GE 1.7 cu. ft. over-the-range microwave oven that comes in a stylish look and elegant design with white color makes it most desirable. It demands to be at your place if you are fond of cooking but fed up with those obsolete models. With its advanced cooking technology, it offers multiple functions to ease your cooking without involving much effort and time to be devoted. The sensor cooking technology, auto defrost, and melting features reduces half of your exertion while cooking.

Our GE 1.7 cu ft over-the-range microwave (white) becomes a perfect fit if you are looking for an option with an easy timer and display settings.

If you are inclined to buy such a product but confused about what to opt for, this product is ideal for your passionate cooking. Just enjoy the delicious meals at home at your comfort. If you make up your mind to go for it, you can be worry-free about this product with this GE JVM6175DKWW Review that will help you to crack the best deal.

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