Frigidaire Gallery 1.7 cu ft Over the Range Microwave FGMV17WNVF – A lavish addition to your kitchen!

Whether it is for reheating your everyday food or baking your special occasion cookies, a microwave is an absolute necessity in today’s world to bring comfort and excitement to your mundane life. The Frigidaire gallery microwave 1.7 FGMV17WNVF is one of the leading microwaves with sensor cooking that makes cooking a variety of food items easier with its automatic power adjustability and adaptable cooking time. With cooktop LED lighting, it is convenient to keep a watch on our food preparation. It has high versatility and 30 different settings for cooking various types of meals including chicken nuggets and other snacks. To know what we have experienced, check out our Frigidaire FGMV17WNVF review below.

This Frigidaire gallery series oven, which comes with touch operation, is a comfortable and modern method to control settings. Now clean spills and wipe them away easily with an effortless clean interior surface. Its stainless-steel design makes this oven smudge-proof, and cleaning fingerprints or any other spills is a duck soup. Over-the-range microwave provides four different ventilation levels according to your necessities: turbo, high, medium, and low. Its exhaust fan can move up to 400cu. ft. of air per minute. After a great recommendation, we have bought this microwave oven and have tested its quality performance, which by the way has impressed us a lot.

Frigidaire FGMV17WNVF Review 2022 (Key Features)

1. Ventilation System

A good microwave is generally equipped with a sound ventilation system to eliminate the strong food aroma, fumes, and water vapors. Frigidaire gallery series microwave FGMV17WNVF has an exhaust ventilation system that circulates the air again inside our kitchen. There is no necessity for a ducting system.

One can opt to exhaust the air outside through a vertical and horizontal ducting system. If one requires outside ventilation, one can make use of an exhaust duct adapter. This over the range microwave has an exhaust Fan (CFM) with 4-Speed 170 / 400 that has noise cancellation. It comes with a dishwasher-Safe Vent Filter with Ductless Installation. It has a charcoal filter as well as a removable grease filter.

2. Cooking Settings

FGMV17WNVF Frigidaire over the range microwave is well equipped with sensor cooking, which sets the power levels and cooking times for a wide range of food items without manual assistance. This oven with sensor cooking controls has cooktop LED settings that illuminate cooked food, which makes meal preparation convenient to observe.

There is an extensive range of cooking settings with over 30 options to choose from to prepare the desired snack one wants. Along with these features, this oven has an auto-start heat sensor that detects the temperature required for cooking and the time necessary for preparing our meal.

3. Smudge-Proof Design

This best microwave over the range stainless steel has a size dimension of 15.03 x 29.88 x 16.41 inches, and the item weighs 59.9 pounds. It’s a very compact device that can fit in any tight space without causing you the hassle. Its exterior handle has an exterior door finish of smudge-proof stainless steel. Thus, this appliance can resist fingertip marks and make effortless cleaning of food spills and other stains convenient and feasible.

This product has a microwave capacity of 1.7 Cu. Ft. Hence, you can cook and serve your large family or guests with no worry. Stainless steel interior of this machine makes it possible for easy cleaning. Its turntable diameter is 14-3/16″, with an option to be turned on or off.

4. Smart Control Panel

The smart control panel next to its door provides a wide variety of buttons that respond to a single finger touch. There are options to cook different types of food by choosing the appropriate buttons from the control panel to adjust temperature and other requirements. Frigidaire gallery series FGMV17WNVF oven has a popcorn button, sensor cook button, and snack button.

It has options to melt and soften food items along with auto reheat options. This over the counter microwave comes with snack menu options and auto cook options. It is also equipped with auto defrost, multi-stage cooking, and Vegetable Cook Sensor to efficiently cook our favorite meals. It consists of user preferences and an adjustable timer for increased comfort.

5. 2-in-1 Convection Oven or Microwave

Being microwave and oven not only saves time and energy but also saves space, money, and effort. Thus, people prefer a 2-in-1 convection oven, which serves the purpose of an oven and microwave. Frigidaire 1.7 over the range microwave is a 2-in-1 convection oven or microwave with the Powerplus convection that helps one bake as much as one wants or opt to cook at microwave speed.

It has convection as an additional form of heat transfer. Its pre-programmable multi-stage cooking, heating element, and fan are supposed to cook our food evenly. This convection microwave not only reheats food but also can be used for roasting, baking, cooking, and crisping. It heats your food from the inside by heating water molecules in our food.


  • Brand Name : FRIGIDAIRE
  • Item model number : FGMV17WNVF
  • Installation Type : Over-the-Range
  • Color/Material : Stainless Steel
  • Capacity : 1.7 Cubic Feet
  • Voltage : 120 volts
  • Product Dimensions : 15.03 x 29.88 x 16.41 inches
  • Item Weight : 59.9 pounds
  • Number of power levels : 9


Does Frigidaire gallery FGMV17WNVF have a fan?

Yes, Frigidaire Gallery FGMV17WNVF has two exhaust fans for the ventilation system.

What is the difference between Frigidaire gallery 1.7 over the range microwave FGMV17WNVF vs FGMV176NTF?

The primary difference between these two models is their LED light colour. FGMV176NTF is equipped with a green LED display, and the FGMV17WNVF is fitted with a white LED display.

Final Thoughts

We present to you Frigidaire Gallery 1.7-cu ft over-the-range microwave with sensor cooking controls that manifested to be one of the best over-the-range microwaves in this decade. Through this Review, we examined its built-in 300 CFM fan to provide you a clean environment in our kitchen by removing the unnecessary smell, fume, and moisture from your kitchen. At the same time, this machine’s bright LED cooktop lighting makes your cooking experience illuminated.

Frigidaire stainless steel microwave over the range FGMV17WNVF is the best microwave under $400. It has a smudge-proof design and power sense cooking technology that automatically perceives required time and power levels. Easy-to-use one-touch button makes our cooking experience even more chic and advanced. Its extra-large glass turntable makes this commodity convenient to heat food even in large bowls, and the turntable rotates for our food to be evenly cooked. Hope our Frigidaire FGMV17WNVF review helped you to choose the right one for your kitchen.

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