Frigidaire Gallery Series 30 Inch Over the Range Microwave Oven FGBM19WNVF – Sleek Design & Great Functionality!

Over the range microwaves are trending nowadays because of their specialty in saving your kitchen’s counter spaces. Finding a stylish and multifunctional over the range microwave is easier said than done. And, that is why after a bit of researching, we brought this fantastic Frigidaire Gallery FGBM19WNVF Over the Range Microwave Oven. We tested all its features and provided this Frigidaire FGBM19WNVF review in detail to help you clearly know about its efficiency.

Firstly, the design of this Frigidaire over the range microwave will blow your mind as it appears so stylish and unique that it will surely give your kitchen a smart look. It is built with smudge-proof stainless steel that resists fingerprints and helps in easy cleaning. It has an LED interior light to easily view the cooktop and touch sensor controls that add a unique touch of contemporary technology. Its full-width zero clearance door maximizes interior space and helps you adjust it even in compact places. Its extra-large turntable helps you keep large casseroles and containers over it and cook large-sized pizza too. The venting system in it is marvelous, so you don’t need to worry about any unpleasant odor inside it.

Frigidaire FGBM19WNVF Review for 2022 (Essential Features)

1. Sensor Cooking

While using a microwave to make several dishes, searching for the accurate power level, temperature, and cooking time is exhausting. FGBM19WNVF Frigidaire gallery series oven has solved that problem for you. It offers a sensor cooking feature that automatically detects the moisture content in our food and adjusts cooking time and power levels to cook different food items.

This sensor cooking is a very useful feature that saves you a lot of time by doing half of your work. No more stumbling with your oven’s control features to customize your favorite dish’s cooking. You can easily cook any dish by just touching a sensor button without worrying about adjusting its settings.

2. LED Lighting

Who does not like an LED lighting inside a microwave to have a better view of food while cooking? Definitely, we would love to get a look at our meal that is being cooked in it. To bring this possibility, Frigidaire microwave over the range has an LED light inside it to help you have a better and clear view of your cooktop.

This appliance makes cooking a whole lot brighter and easier process as it allows you to keep an eye on your food without opening its door. The interior LED light enhances its look and adds an advantage to its intelligent and efficient design. Thus, this microwave becomes a good option when you want to sneak into your kitchen at night and use it.

3. Power and Capacity

Frigidaire 1.9 cu ft over the range microwave has 1000 W power making its operation powerful and smooth, maintaining energy efficiency too. Getting a high capacity microwave having sufficient wattage requires a lot of research. This over the range microwave that comes with sensor cooking has a great capacity of 1.9 cubic feet allowing you to cook enough food for more than 4 people at once.

You can easily put large containers and bowls inside it to prepare meals without any shortage of space. It is a great option for people who want to avoid investing money in two pieces of equipment that offer the same use. Working very efficiently at 120 V, this device doesn’t add any extra burden on your electricity bills.

4. Three-speed Vent Fan

Ventilation system in any microwave oven plays a key role in making that product worth buying. This Gallery Series Frigidaire Microwave FGBM19WNVF has a three-speed ventilation fan that can circulate air at a frequency of up to 400 cubic feet per minute. The three-speed settings, low, medium, and high, can be adjusted according to your requirement, and it also acts as a hood for your kitchen.

Due to its efficient and robust ventilation system, excess moisture, heat, odor, and other particulate matter generated while cooking escapes directly through its exhaust duct from the vent. This vent fan is a very useful feature of this microwave, also making it a unique option for your kitchen.

5. Full-width Zero-clearance Door

A full-width door has helped in reducing any inconvenience that a user might face regarding space inside this microwave. It maximizes the interior space without restricting when you put a large container inside this Frigidaire stainless steel microwave over the range microwave.

While cooking any food in this device, you can easily observe it without opening the door. Due to its zero-clearance feature, it opens at exactly 90° angle without touching any adjacent walls. The door not only eases cooking in this oven but also enhances its look. This appliance’s add on 30 seconds for uniform cooking is another highlight.

6. Design

This FGBM19WNVF over the range microwave Frigidaire has an extra-large 13.5 inches diameter glass turntable that allows you to put large casseroles and big glass bowls over it without any difficulty. It rotates at a constant speed for even and efficient cooking and reheating and can also be stopped from rotating by changing its settings if you don’t want.

It is a high capacity, big microwave with dimensions 15.75 x 29.88 x 16.38 inches and weighing 55 pounds. Its edge-to-edge glass door gives it a sleek appearance, while the one-touch sensor buttons at its bottom add a unique touch of technology to it. There is a digital display screen, and the rest other body is smudge-proof stainless steel resists fingerprint marks.


Technical Specifications

  • Brand Name : FRIGIDAIRE
  • Item model number : FGBM19WNVF
  • Color/Material : Stainless Steel
  • Installation Type : Over-the-Range
  • Wattage : 1000 watts
  • Voltage : 120 volts
  • Product Dimensions : 15.75 x 29.88 x 16.38 inches
  • Item Weight : 55 pounds
  • Human Interface Input : Buttons
  • Capacity : 1.9 Cubic Feet


Owning a stunning, multifunctional, smart, and automatic microwave is hard to get at an affordable price range. To get such an all-in-one microwave, you might need to spend a lot of bucks. Thanks to Frigidaire Gallery Series 30 Inch Over the Range Microwave Oven, one can get their desired oven at a reasonable price range. It has proved to be worth every penny regarding its quality performance. It has a sleek design that gives it a modern and smart look and possesses sensor cooking to establish its smartness.

Its one-touch options and the three-speed fan makes this microwave a unique choice. It impressed us through every feature that it possesses and made it extremely tough to pick any con out of it. If you are seeking a high-end, beautiful, and big microwave, then it might be the best option for you. In conclusion with our Frigidaire FGBM19WNVF review, we highly recommend this stainless steel over the range microwave for your kitchen. Hope that every food you cook in it brings a smile to your face!

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