Frigidaire 1.8 cu ft Over the Range Microwave FFMV1846VW – Very fancy with all-important features!

Are you planning to buy a microwave or replacing an old model but struggling with multiple types of microwave models available in the market? Consider our Frigidaire FFMV1846VW review and make your best choice. We have brought this microwave to test its operation, installation, and performance in the kitchen and are ready to give you our practical experience. A variety of preprogrammed as well as customized cooking options will let you prepare mouth-watering recipes with just a touch of a button. This microwave boasts a two-speed 300 cfm ventilation system to cook evenly and remove the heat and smoke away from your kitchen.

The simplified electronic control of this 30″ over the range microwave Frigidaire will save your time and add flavor to your experimenting cuisine. We can assure you this microwave has a great ability to serve for all your gatherings with its extra-large capacity of 1.8 cu ft cooking space. Thus, no more worry about serving your unexpected guests. As it comes with a solid, well-built body, it ensures to be a durable product. It has many advanced and premium features to offer you, making your cooking more fun and encouraging.

Frigidaire FFMV1846VW Review (2023)

1. Design

As mentioned earlier, Frigidaire OTR microwave comes with a 1.8 cubic feet capacity and cooks at 1000 watts. Thus, you can understand how efficiently it can cook our dishes. This oven features 10 power levels and has a zero-clearance door that opens up to a 90-degree angle without taping over any adjacent walls. It is manufactured with a hood offering a ventilation system and dual fan speeds.

Dimensions of this device are 15.75 x 29.87 x 15.62 inches with over the range installation type and a control panel on its right. It is designed with a 300 cfm fan that helps to remove cooking heat and odors away from our cooking spaces. Another small but important feature that we noticed is the child lock in this pearly white color microwave, making it an utmost safety appliance.

2. Venting System

Frigidaire microwave over the range is designed with a convertible venting system. This means you can either have an internal or external venting system with a Recirculating kit which is sold separately. This is equipped with a ventilation system to tackle the cooking smoke, odors, and moisture. Its convertible venting system allows you to have an exterior vent, or you can simply recirculate the air internally.

Usually, the external venting system uses a fan to drag the heat, particles, odors, etc. out of our kitchen. An internal venting system through a filter pulls the smoke, heat back into the kitchen. So, you can wish to pick up your ventilation system depending upon the installation system of your kitchen. According to our experience, we suggest you install external venting (vent ducts) as it is an ideal system for a new over the range microwave.

3. Over the Range Installation

Frigidaire microwave oven FFMV1846VW has over the range installation, which implies that it can fit your kitchen’s countertop. Usually, over the range microwaves have multiple benefits, from being not easily accessible for children to giving seamless flow for doing work in your kitchen. The best and obvious part is this appliance doesn’t add up to the physical space of your kitchen and gives an easy approach to opening its door.

Our kitchen’s layout has not been disturbed for this microwave and adds a modular look to our kitchen. At one end, it saves a lot of space in the kitchen, and at the other, it comes with an in-built fan that helps to push away the heat and smoke out of your zone. So, we recommend that if you are checking out for a microwave purchase, go for this over the range microwave.

4. One-Touch Control and Capacity

This Frigidaire 1.8 cu ft OTR microwave is a simple-to-use appliance functioning with one-touch control. Its operating system is always the heart of this appliance, making it the best or the worst choice amongst customers. The digital panel with timer visibility allows you to cook or bake potatoes, popcorn, reheat, defrost, and even add 30 seconds with a touch of a button.

Frigidaire over the range microwave provides an extra-large cooking space working at 120V. We were attracted to its spacious interior. It provides space even for large cookware and can hold even a 13″ x 9″ baking dish. This provides comfort for preparing a meal for a large gathering at once. Big bowls and large casseroles also find no problem on its capacious glass turntable of 12.4″ inside for cooking evenly.

5. Multi-Functional

This Frigidaire over the range microwave has an auto defrost and auto reheat button and requires a 110-volt outlet. It has multiple preset cooking options that help to reheat, defrost, and cook meals quickly with just a touch. Its control panel has ‘popcorn,’ 3 ‘reheat’ functions, 4 melt/soften functions, ‘potato,’ ‘beverage,’ and ‘defrost’ to cater to all your cooking needs. So, make popcorn, or bake potatoes, or hot-sipping cappuccino, or melt chocolate; everything is possible within no time in this microwave oven at your home.

After operating it, we were impressed by its multi-stage cooking. This option helps you to customize this microwave according to your cuisine requirement and set up the power levels and cooking time beforehand.

6. LED Lightning

It is necessary to get a look over our meal that is cooking in our microwave so that we can keep a check on our meal. This 1.8 cu ft microwave over range proffers two LED lighting to make your meals look visibly attractive. Its cooktop LED lightning gives a clear and bright view to make cooking simple and beautiful. The interior LED lighting falls elegantly on your dishes inside, giving them a very nice looking view and also helps you know your meal’s status.

A digital timer on its control panel also comes with green LED lighting, making it visible even in the dark. Also, this LED all over microwave makes it a more energy-efficient appliance and avoids those harsh bulbs reaching your eyes.


Specifications of Frigidaire FFMV1846VW 30 inch Over the Range Microwave

  • Manufacturer : Frigidaire
  • Color : White
  • Installation Type : Over-the-Range
  • Voltage : 120 volts
  • Product Dimensions : 15.75 x 29.87 x 15.62 inches
  • Item Weight : 35 pounds
  • Number of Power Levels : 10
  • Lock Type : Child Lock Available
  • Capacity : 1.8 cu ft
  • Cooking Watts : 1000
  • CFM : 300

Final Thoughts

So, we’ve come to the end of our Frigidaire FFMV1846VW review. It comes with advanced features and powerful performance; we, as the customer, term it as the ideal and perfect over the range microwave. Sipping your hot chocolate is now the quickest and easiest thing possible with this microwave oven. As it comes with a 1-year limited warranty, we can be assured about its high-quality performance. Its warranty service can be availed from the date of purchase on its parts and workmanship. Having a good and efficient over the range microwave is of great help while cooking at large or even at regular use.

Cook frozen meals in a snap or heat soups and leftovers in no time. So, this Sunday, make your family meals exciting with Frigidaire FFMV1846 microwave. We hope this review is found satisfactory to clear all your doubts and stands as one of the best over the range microwave reviews.

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