Frigidaire Model FFMV1645TS Stainless Steel Microwave Over The Range – Easy to Use and Maintain

One of the most selling kitchen appliances are microwaves in today’s market. Frigidaire has come up with its latest version of the microwave to bring a new evolution in cooking. The Frigidaire microwave FFMV1645TS is a 30″ over-the-range microwave and has an elegant stainless steel finish. This over-the-range microwave cooks food faster than other regular ovens and leaves no mess in our kitchen. This device is energy efficient, so you do not have to worry about your energy bills.

Frigidaire microwave oven offers the latest high-end technology systems in this product. This microwave oven has a single-touch control panel which is easy to use, and you can get your food heated or cooked in just a couple of minutes. This cooking device offers a multistage cooking option, wherein you can program your cooking levels and time way in advance, it allows you to customize it as per your needs and requirements. As we’ve personally tested and examined this microwave’s functioning, we were more than impressed by its quality performance. We assure you that at the end of this Frigidaire FFMV1645TS Review, you will get answers to many of your questions regarding this product.

Frigidaire FFMV1645TS Review in 2023

1. Design

The Frigidaire has given this microwave a sleek and modern look. This device is a stainless steel built-up. Its dimensions of 17 x 30 x 16 inches (L x W x H) make it very compact, and one can keep it easily in any tight space. Its total weight is about 59 pounds; thus it can be manoeuvred at times of our needs. This device is an over-the-range type of installation, considering its weight and size.

The FFMV1645TS Frigidaire over the range microwave oven’s most impressive advantage of being an over-the-range microwave is that it acts as a vent, it performs 2 types of functions in just one single unit. There are 2 LED lightings, one installed at the top of this device and one in this device’s interior. These LED lights give a clear and bright look to your dishes. Frigidaire offers a simple and easy to use one-touch control panel for easy operations. This microwave unit has a large capacity which provides up to 1.6cu.ft. of cooking space.

2. Cooking Settings

Frigidaire FFMV1645TS 30″ over-the-range microwave – stainless steel has a multistage cooking option. Under this function, it permits one to program power levels and timer for cooking beforehand. This feature helps you to customize your device according to your needs. For cooking with increased fun and ease this product is the perfect solution.

This microwave’s control panel is super user-friendly. With this control panel, you can adjust its sequence, and it will systematically follow those instructions put in sequence in proper order. For, e.g., You can set the sequence order such as Stage 1 – Autostart, Stage 2 – defrost, Stage 3 – minute timer, and Stage 4 – Time cook. It will follow this same sequenced order one after another efficiently. This machine works at 1000watts for all its 10 power levels.

3. Venting System

Over-the-range microwaves, like Frigidaire stainless steel microwave over the range, usually have a built-in venting fan system, which lets them work without giving any inconvenience to its customers. This microwave is usually fitted in between two cabinets and below an upper cabinet with its ventilation and electrical channels. This microwave oven acts like a range hood and vent fan.

Frigidaire microwave’s ventilation system is not just to filter cooking vapors but also to have external vents supported with ductwork that goes through the rooftop. Frigidaire has cleverly structured its venting system to manage odors, smoke, and vapor, which rises from the cooking space. This vent pulls up air from the kitchen space through a filter and lets out clean air back into the kitchen.

4. Control Panel

This Best rated over the range microwave has a simple and smart touch control panel. You can get your food cooked, steamed, or heated with just a click. This control panel isn’t just confined to having only heating functions but also offers much more such as popcorn, potato, beverage, reheat, defrost, etc., to effectively perform each type of cooking precisely.

Wouldn’t it be impressive if your microwave would know a code for a particular dish you need to heat up? This is possible with its reheat function, which will perfectly heat the leftovers of our previous day. Defrost function is another function that almost all microwaves have in today’s market; this setting lowers the appliance between 30% to 50%, and it quickly defrosts your food without cooking it. You can use the melt/soften function for butter or other items that you need to soften, where this device uses relatively less power for this particular function.

5. Warranty

The Frigidaire offers a 1-year limited warranty from its original date of purchase of this stainless over the range microwave. The manufacturer shall replace or repair if any component of this appliance that has been defective. Buyers have to present their original sales receipt as proof to receive any warranty service.

Frigidaire does not provide warranty service if this product’s serial numbers have been altered, or if there is rust on this unit or any food loss due to freezer faults. Also, this warranty service is not applicable for calls to repair or replace filters, light bulbs, and other parts. In case of damage to this machine caused during installation, services performed by any other unauthorized companies will not be covered. The manufacturer will not cover warranty service if there are external faults such as abuse, misuse, no proper power, accidents, or acts of God. This warranty is solely applicable only in the USA and Canada.


Frigidaire FFMV1645TS Specifications

  • Model: FFMV1645TS
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Material: Metal
  • Capacity: 1.6 Cubic Feet
  • Installation: Over-the-Range
  • Wattage: 1000 watts
  • Power Levels: 10
  • CFM: 220
  • Dimensions: 17 x 30 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 52.6 pounds


Is inside of FFMV1645TS Frigidaire over range microwave door glass or mesh?

The interiors of this Frigidaire 30 Inch over range microwave are of mesh, which is stuck to the glass.

do the mounting brackets come with this Frigidaire FFMV1645TS 30″ Over the Range Microwave?

Yes, there are mounting brackets that come along with the Frigidaire Stainless Steel microwave.

How loud are the fan settings of Frigidaire FFMV1645TS over the range microwave?

The fan settings are moderately loud when this Frigidaire OTR FFMV1645TS microwave is one high and when it’s low, the sound is not that loud. This machine’s fan runs at 220cfm for efficient cooking.

Final Verdict

Concluding this Frigidaire FFMV1645TS Review, we have noted that the most attractive factor of Compact this over the range microwave is that it is a great space saver. You do not need any separate exhaust filters to be installed since this microwave also has an excellent ventilation system in it, which removes all odors, moisture, and vapor from the kitchen area. You can get your food cooked, steamed, or heated up within just a couple of minutes with the help of its easy-to-understand Frigidaire FFMV1645TS manual.

The user can also pre-program its cooking settings into the unit, and when it receives the command, it will perform the same sequence as what was programmed into it. This Frigidaire over-range microwave comes within a budgeted price and is one of the best-rated over-the-range microwave under $350. After going through many Frigidaire Over the Range reviews, we must say that this appliance has a huge positive demand, and after personally trying it out, we can conclude that this product is indeed the best one.

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