Frigidaire FFMV1645TB 1.6 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave – Durable, Quick & Quality Assured!

Years ago, cooking different varieties of dishes was a complicated task. Different food items have different requirements, and making them was a time taking process. But then came microwaves, which were designed to turn this difficult task into an easy one. Thanks to them, not only can you cook a variety of dishes perfectly but can also save valuable time and energy. One such modern age microwave is the Frigidaire 1.6 over the range microwave black. We were very excited to buy one ourselves and are now ready with our complete Frigidaire FFMV1645TB review.

FFMV1645TB Frigidaire microwave with stainless steel combines style with functionality. Unlike most traditional microwaves, this one is set over your counter rather than on it. With its vast range of cooking options, this oven is ideal for every household. It has a capacity of 1.6 cu ft and draws about 1000 watts of power. Frigidaire is known for making durable products that help you do everyday tasks with little effort. Its features are very interesting not only to know but also to understand.

Frigidaire FFMV1645TB Review for 2023

1. LED Lighting

Frigidaire FFMV1645TB 30″ Over the Range Microwave has done a good job in providing proper LED lighting for better vision. Be it baking a cake or heating a dish, usually, you have to keep an eye on your food while it’s being cooked inside this microwave. That’s why this product comes with an interior LED light so that you do not have to struggle to get a clear view of your food.

Its lighting also adds up to the style of this 30-inch appliance. Along with interior lights, it comes with a Cooktop LED lighting so that you have adequate lighting on your cooktop while cooking your meal. The inclusion of a cooktop LED light sets our microwave apart from other microwaves in the market.

2. One-Touch Options

With the world rapidly changing around us, most devices are becoming touch screened. Gone are the days when you had to struggle with using a button or turning a knob. To offer simplicity in working and operating Frigidaire 1.6 cubic foot over the range microwave, its smart control panel needs limelight. Frigidaire has made sure that it does not stay behind by including a touch screen.

It has a one-touch feature so that you can make any dish with just one touch of your finger. You can make popcorn, beverages or even boil potatoes with just a single touch of your finger. Or if you want to heat your food, you can do so by setting its timer with your fingers. These touch controls are very smooth and easy to use; hence, they can be operated by anyone in the family.

3. Fits-More Capacity

Trying to find a casserole that is ideal for your microwave can be a frustrating job. Therefore, everyone wants a big enough microwave to fit bowls of any size without any hassle. Exactly for this purpose, our Frigidaire seems to be well aware of this fact, and that’s why its device is an extra-large microwave. It has a cooking space of 1.6 cu. ft for fitting any size bowls or casseroles.

Other than that, it has a 12-½ inch diameter glass turntable which can fit even the largest of casserole dishes and big bowls. This glass turntable rotates so that your food is cooked evenly from all sides. This microwave can accommodate even a 13 x 9 inches baking dish efficiently.

4. Multi-Stage Cooking Option

Temperature and time are two very important factors that come into play in cooking. Even the slightest of difference in them can ruin your otherwise perfect recipe. And therefore, it is necessary that your microwave can be adjusted according to your cooking needs. This black microwave over the range has a multi-stage cooking option which allows you to set your power levels and cooking time beforehand.

Its multi-stage cooking option feature is very helpful when you are cooking some recipe which has particular cooking requirements. Thus, this option makes our oven made of stainless steel a perfect option for all those aspiring chefs.

5. Zero Clearance Door

Frigidaire 1.6 cu ft over the range microwave stainless steel is designed in such a way that it does not take up much valuable space. With a width of 16 13/32 inches, a length of 29 ⅞ inches and height of 15 ¼ inches, it fits perfectly over your countertop. Additionally, it has a zero clearance door. It makes a perfect angle of ninety degrees while opening and does not touch any adjoining walls.

This zero clearance door includes keeping the area of small kitchens and apartments in mind. If you do not have much space in your compact kitchen, this over the range microwave is a perfect choice for you. Due to its sleek and stylish design, it looks good anywhere and everywhere.



  • Brand Name : Frigidaire
  • Item model number : FFMV1645TB
  • Installation Type : Over-the-Range
  • Color : Black
  • Wattage : 1000 watts
  • Material Type : Stainless Steel
  • Product Dimensions : 29.87 x 16.41 x 15.25 inches
  • Item Weight : 53 pounds
  • Capacity : 1.6 Cubic Feet


Does this FFMV1645TB Frigidaire 1.6 cu ft microwave oven include mounting hardware?

Yes, Frigidaire 1.6 cu ft FFMV1645TB microwave includes mounting hardware in it. However, while you do get a mounting plate, it does not include screws. That is something you would have to arrange yourself.

Is this Frigidaire 1.6 cu ft 30 inch over the range microwave FFMV1645TB a black stainless or the black before the black stainless look came out?

Frigidaire 30″ Over the Range microwave is available in black color, not black stainless steel. The material used for making this microwave is stainless steel.

Does Frigidaire 1.6 cu. ft. over-the-range microwave FFMV1645TB oven have a programmable light?

Unfortunately, no. This Frigidaire 1.6 cu. ft. over-the-range microwave oven does not have programmable lights. It has a LED light under the unit to illuminate the cooktop.

Final Verdict

Frigidaire FFMV1645TB 1.6 cu. ft. over-the-range microwave – black is a smart, modern age microwave. It is packed with tons of advanced features like auto reheat options and multi-stage cooking options. Also, it is a perfect combination of style with functionality. It is available in three colors – black, stainless steel and white. Unlike other microwaves, this device sits over your countertop and has enough interior space to fit large bowls. Not only does it work as a microwave, but it ventilates your kitchen too.

In addition to all of these, this Frigidaire FFMV1645TB manual is also user-friendly and quickly clarifies our doubts regarding its usage. It is a budget-friendly oven and is a good choice for anyone. With this, we have come to the end of Frigidaire FFMV1645TB review. We hope it helped to ease your doubts.

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