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Danby 1.1 cu.ft. Countertop Microwave 2020

An over the range Microwave is the one must have appliance that gives you flexibility. Now, Im here to give you Danby Microwave Reviews for you. Danby is the best over the range Microwave as of now. Sometimes, it may be painful to install tour Microwave Over the range but can free up tons of space in your kitchen.  An OTR Microwave is the ultimate choice in a modern kitchen from built-in appliances and you surely feel that the best microwave oven takes the pleasure of cooking in a well-appointed kitchen to a completely new level. Countertop Microwaves provide the ability to reheat, cook, defrost, melt and pop. Moreover, an over the range Microwave also have the added benefit of Vent Hood for the stove.

Danby Microwave Reviews – Over the Range

A reasonable number of Countertop Microwave Ovens are available on market today, but not all of these ovens are particularly efficient or powerful. Finding a cheap and best Over the Range microwave is even harder. Hence, for your convenience, we are presenting you the best Danby Microwave Reviews. The Danby Microwave is a nice little countertop microwave oven. When it comes to looks, the Danby 1.1 cu. ft countertop microwave is the perfect example of modern design. The Sharp lines, along with the stylish stainless steel exterior make this Danby microwave a very charming OTR Microwave.

The control pad and the display add a nice little touch, while the semi-transparent and speckled door window perfectly fits the overall design of the device. The Danby Over the Range Microwave is a nicely designed kitchen appliance that can fit nicely in every home. Naturally, this Danby Countertop Microwave doesn’t occupy too much space and it is not difficult to install it. If you are staying in a small apartment or if you’re a college student living in a dorm, this Danby microwave is a good choice. However, it is difficult to find fault in this Microwave. The Single touch cooking feature and the six presets that comes with this Danby Microwave works really great.


Danby Countertop Microwave Oven has plenty of cooking area with which you can cook multiple dishes. It has a capacity of 1.1 cu. ft. or we can say it as 31 L capacity, which is more than enough for the medium-sized family. Also, it has a maximum output of 1,000 watts of cooking power. So, with this spacious Danby countertop microwave, you can serve delicious food easily and quickly to your friends and family.

As this Danby 1.1 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave Oven comes with 10 different power-level options, you can easily find the perfect setting for your favorite dish. Furthermore, there is a simple one-touch cooking. This is designed for six most popular and highly used microwave uses. They include popcorn, pizza, potatoes, beverages, dinner plates, and frozen vegetables.

As you can see the Danby Microwave is stylish and fits any modern kitchen perfectly. The interior and exterior are made with stainless steel which makes the unit more durable and fashionable. The technologically-advanced electronic controls of the unit make the programming and monitoring easy without any efforts. Also, there is a clock device and an easy-to-read LED timer. It also comes with an automatic interior light and turntable.


Specification Name Value
Brand Name
Model Info
Item Weight
32 pounds
Product Dimensions
15.6 x 20.2 x 12 inches
Item model number
1.1 cubic_feet
120 volts
18 Months

Focus Points of Danby Designer Microwave

  • The 1.1 cu. ft. interior capacity of this Danby Over the range Microwave accommodates a wide variety of meal and snack items.
  • 1000 watts of cooking power and 10 power levels that comes with this Danby Microwave provide versatility for easy and quick food preparation.
  • The Danby Microwave Reviews include some of the main features of this best Microwave Oven. Among them, 6 one-touch quick-cook buttons are also included.
  • They are a beverage, frozen dinner, pizza, popcorn, potato, and reheat settings to simplify cooking and warming specific dishes and foods.
  • A cook-by-weight option of this Danby Countertop microwave delivers reliable heating, hence skipping the meal preparation process.
  • This Danby OTR Microwave has Weight and speed defrost feature that can adjust the interior temperature to properly melt frozen items.
  • The 2-stage cooking ability of this Danby Microwave lets you combine cooking options to streamline the process of preparation.
  • Danby designer Microwave comes with a Glass turntable that helps you to cook your favorite food evenly and can be easily removed for easy and fast cleaning.
  • LED time-of-day clock and kitchen timer that are included in this Danby Microwave reviews, let you coordinate meal times.

Danby – Over the Range Microwave For Sale

Danby is the brand of appliances marketed by Danby Products. This brand new company alleged the largest market in the compact appliance in North America. It also has additional locations in Ohio, Massachusetts as well as China. Although this is a closely held company, annual trades are estimated at about 400 million dollars through the sale of specialty and compact appliances such as microwave ovens, wine coolers, compact refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and dehumidifiers and engages a staff of approximately 110. The very first products of Danby are Hot plates and Slow cookers. Now, the current products of Danby are under the name of Danby, Danby designer, Danby Premier, Danby Diplomat etc.





How to stop a Danby designer microwave to beep?

Just press the stop or end button in the microwave display to stop the beep sound from the Danby microwave.

How adjust door latch microwave Danby?

 Just check for a broken hook or broken latch, broken button or broken button spring, and replace it with a new one to adjust a door latch of Danby Microwave.

How to change bulb inside Danby microwave?

 Follow the steps below to change a bulb inside Danby Microwave-

  1. First, unplug the main. Open the vent door by unscrewing the screws. 
  2. Locate the light panel, and remove the light attached to it. 
  3. Finally, replace it with a new light, and put everything back to place. 
How to start Danby Microwave?

Follow the instructions below to start a Danby Microwave-

  1. Just plug in the wire and power on the microwave. 
  2. Then, switch on the button after the food is kept in.
  3. Set the temperature and timer. This will start the microwave.
Where are Danby microwaves made?

The Danby microwaves is a Canadian company. It is headquartered in Guelph Ontario and the main manufacturing unit is located there.

How many watts is a Danby Microwave?

 The Danby Microwave is approximately 700 watts.

Bottom Line

The Danby Over the range Microwave is the best choice for the one living in a small apartment or the one having a small kitchen area. This is an efficient microwave to get you cooking done quickly. With the help of these Danby Microwave Reviews, you can know more about this OTR microwave. The Danby 1.1 cu.ft countertop microwave has everything you need in an over the Range Microwave. Even though it has minor flaws, the Danby Microwave gives you best results every time you cook. Finally, the Outstanding Danby Designer microwave low Price makes this oven a great investment.

All-inclusive, Danby 1.1 cu.ft. Over the Range Countertop Microwave Oven is highly efficient and stylish. It fits any of your counter space. Stainless-steel interior and exterior makes it more durable and fashionable. So, get this high-quality microwave oven now at the best price on Amazon.

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