Over the Range vs Countertop Microwave | Choose the Best One

Nowadays microwave forms a key part in almost all the kitchens. It is easy and faster so people prefer to use it. There are several types of microwaves available in the market depending on specific needs. But select which one is right to your home: the over the range microwave model or countertop microwave. So, here is the guide regarding Countertop vs Over the Range.

Countertop vs Over the Range

There are many models available in the market. So, it might be difficult to choose such a microwave that fits into your kitchen. Also, it should match your home style and provide enough space and cooking power in order to handle the requirements of your family. To help you in such situation, all about Countertop vs Over the Range given on this page.

Countertop vs Over the Range image
Countertop vs Over the Range image

Microwave difference between the Countertop and Over the Range Microwave

Countertop microwave can rest on any open surface available in the kitchen. These countertop microwaves are portable. Some of the benefits of countertop microwaves are:

  • Traditional and standard microwave (0.8 to over 2.0 cubic feet).
  • Easy to move.
  • Have versatile features and functionalities.
  • Has a wide variety of capacity and power range generally between 0.5 to 2.0 cubic feet.
  • Provides an economical solution for any budget.
  • Some of the models come with coordinating trim kit that allows you to built into the wall, freeing up the counter space.

Over the Range Microwave

Over the Range Microwaves installed above your range. They function just like countertop microwave but eliminates steam, smoke, and cooking odors through the built-in ventilation system. Additional features include:

  • Built-in lights that brighten the cooking surface.
  • It’s better to select a model that has a sensor cook feature for easily reheating or convection feature for enhanced cooking abilities
  • Available in different ranges of sizes and watts.
  • The capacity of microwaves ranges from mid-level to large sized models
  • Have different venting options: External venting with the help of outside exhaust vent sends the smoke outer way. Whereas the recirculating venting microwave pulls the air with the help of charcoal filter then vents it return into the house.

Pros and Cons of Over the Range and Countertop Microwave

Check these Pros and Cons to know more info regarding Countertop vs Over the Range Microwave.

  • As it sits on the counter it can easily be accessible by short people and kids.
  • They are portable so can be moved around easily.
  • They are very affordable and can vary depending on functions.
  • It does not require any installation process.
  • They take valuable counter space which you can use it for some other meal preparation.
  • It is not appreciable for the people who are concern about their kitchen design because it looks like seem less.
Over the range
  • You will have much counter space available for meal preparation and to place other small appliances.
  • They have more functionality as it has a combination of both microwave and ventilation needs.
  • It is like saving the money because you don’t require to purchase a separate range hood.
  • It is harder to reach the cabinet over the range microwave for shorter people and kids.
  • Usually, the fans of range hood have 300 CFM which is not so powerful like the range hood that reaches 1000 CFM.
  • These are very expensive compared to a countertop microwave.

Some of the Features of Countertop Microwaves and Over the Range Microwaves

Countertop Microwave

countertop microwave oven image
  • No installation: When it comes to countertop microwave just plug in and start cooking. These models are unique for kitchen with much counter space but they can fit anywhere. With the help of the trim kit, you can convert this model into a built-in microwave that can fix in a wall.
  • Portability: One of the convenient features for this model is its Portability. When you are not using it you can put it in cabinetry or pantry. As it is not built in any cabinetry you can move it easily.
  • Accessibility: Since these microwaves sit on countertop they are always within easy reach.
  • Easy to clean: Cleaning will be easy. That is the reason many countertop microwaves that have a feature to resist the fingerprints with steel is easy to clean.

Over the Range Microwave

over the range microwave oven image
  • Venting: Over The Range Microwave has two in one option. That is a space-saving option for kitchen and venting. Featuring exhaust venting and with charcoal filtering, they remove odor, smoke, and moisture from the air so you can easily breathe.
  • Cleared countertops: Installing the Over the Range Microwave will free up counter space which you can use it for some other appliances like blender, toaster, coffee pot.
  • Improved cooking flow: Over the Range Microwave gives Smoother and Easy Way for cooking. With both microwave and range at one place, you can be able to defrost in the microwave and while working on cooktop without always going across the kitchen to check.
  • Sleek design: If you prefer stylish and modern then over the range microwave is one that type which has a fully integrated design that gives the kitchen a sleek look.
  • Easy to clean: Just as countertop microwave, many of the over the range microwaves also has a feature like a fingerprint-resistant finish. Often they have a non-stick interior which will let you clean up spills and splatters just with a wipe.

Can Over the Range Microwave be used on Countertop?

The most important factor to consider while designing the kitchen is the appliances you are going to install in the kitchen. If you wish to save the space in the kitchen, then nothing is better than installing Over the Range Microwave on the Countertop. Though the installation needs a few types of equipment to fix the oven it is still inexpensive. Here are some common ways to tell about, can over the range microwave be used on countertop.

You can start the installation of the microwave once you get the tools required for installing. Below are steps to follow to get over the range microwave installed on the countertop.

  1. Determine the height of the oven to install: Actually the base of microwave oven shouldn’t exceed the height of 55 inches from the kitchen floor. So to ensure the secure utilization of the oven make sure that the height of the oven is not more than 30 inches. The microwave also has a fan that ventilates in the outer surface so in that case check the kit of microwave to get additional fitting which are used to fit oven and make it to properly ventilate.
  2. From the kit get the installation template: A template come with microwave which makes easy for the user to install the microwave in the appropriate place so that it can ventilate properly. Don’t forget to examine the shape of the template and whether the oven is fitting well on it or not.
  3. Find a stud: In order to install the over the range microwave, you need to have at least one stud in the wall to attach the mounting hardware. You can find the stud in the wall with the help of electric finder or by taping the wall with a hammer. If you observe the sound like “thunk” then it is the place where the stud is present and even the right place to install the microwave. In most cases, studs are present at a distance not less than 15 inches from the wall. So by measuring with a tape, you can find the next stud. Once you mark and drill the stud then it is time to fit the microwave on the same.
  4. Fix the microwave onto the wall: Take help of someone to hold the microwave and place it on the wall plate. If your model does not get the wall place then place it underneath the cabinet.
  5. Drill the holes beneath the cabinet: The next step is to plug in the cord on top of appliances. For this purpose, you need to drill the holes under the cabinet and set the cord. Do not switch the power on until you finish the setup.
  6. Feed the bolts: Place the over the range microwave on the counter by positioning the screws in the drilled holes beneath the cabinet. Examine whether the screws fixed properly and tightly so that oven is tightened correctly.
  7. Connecting the fan: Take out the fan from the kit and connect according to the position of your ventilation system. Generally, the fans and ventilation vary depending on the model and manufacturers, but you can place the fan easily by changing the direction of the same towards ventilation.
  8. Test the microwave: Now everything is done. Over the Range Microwave placed on the countertop and ready to use. But before using, test whether it is working properly or not. If you are troubleshooting any problems then it is recommended to contact a professional contractor. You can also approach the manufacturer to resolve the problem.

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