Black + Decker EM044KJN-P2 Microwave Oven – Satisfies all your cooking needs!

If your house kitchen is small, there will be no space to cramp up appliances in such a tight place. Black and Decker has come up with an absolute solution for this problem by introducing its new Black & Decker 1.6 cu. Ft. Microwave. This microwave boosts out an elegant and robust look. It functions with 1000 Watts cooking power to ensure that our food is cooked uniformly. The control panel structure in this unit is very easy to use, with just a click. It offers 10 different cooking power levels to give your dish better and precise results. Check out the below Black and Decker EM044KJN-P2 review to know its pros and cons that we experienced.

This Black & Decker microwave oven has an impressive 30 seconds added time without having to wait for long for our meal to cook properly. An incandescent lighting system is installed to light up its entire cooking space for the optimal cooking process. One major plus point of any over the range microwave is its ventilation system. The vent system of this microwave model is highly effective. It manages to control the air quality by suctioning in smoke, steam, and foul odors from your kitchen space. This microwave oven has been packed in various technology systems for easier cooking in just one unit. There are many more interesting facts about this device that have impressed us while testing this microwave oven.

Black and Decker EM044KJN-P2 Review for 2023

1. Design

This appliance has a measurement of 15 x 29.9 x 16.4 inches (L x W x H) and weighs almost 55.1 pounds. Its entire unit is covered with pitch glossy black color giving it a sleek and elegant look. This device is user-friendly, with all functions that can be operated with just a single press. Its control panel is also perfectly designed to provide a one-touch experience.

Black+Decker microwave EM044KJN-P2 has a glass turntable that has a diameter of 12.5 inches, and it evenly cooks your dish by supplying hot air at every corner of this dish. This over the range unit is ideally structured for houses with kitchens that are compact and require free counter space.

2. Pre-Programmed Functions

Black+Decker 1.6 cu. ft. 1000 watt microwave oven offers several pre-programmed functions for quicker and efficient cooking. These pre-programmed functions help to take out the guesswork from the cooking time, making our meal preparation time faster. This over the range microwave unit offers settings such as popcorn, baked potato, beverage, vent fan on/off, and defrost.

Its automatic operations like the defrost mode can be very helpful when our food is in its frozen state, and you want to defrost it quickly. This unit’s turntable has a feature of looking it up, and you can manually stop its rotation whenever you do not require your baking dish/casserole to move.

3. Venting System

One significant reason why people opt for an over the range microwave is that it doesn’t confine just to provide regular functions of a microwave but also comes with a powerful ventilation system. Black + Decker microwave oven EM044KJN-P2 doubles up as a range hood and offers 2 home devices just in one unit.

Its vent system works great in an average kitchen by suctioning in all kinds of smoke, odor, heat, and steam from your cooktop space. Its ventilation system is installed through ducts, which exhales the air outside. These ducts run through a cabinet wherein this product is attached beneath and connects the duct to your home’s exterior exhaust system. This appliance also offers a charcoal filtration system for much cleaner airflow in your kitchen space.

4. Control Panel

Control panel structured to this microwave is simple to understand and easy to use. This Black and Decker microwave oven model number EM044KJN-P2 has a dial pad from 0 – 9 and has an express mode cooking function on each of these numbers. In simple words, the express cook mode is nothing, but it allows you to quickly set a timer with just a press of a button.

This appliance also provides single touch functions for baked potato, popcorn, beverage, reheat, and defrost so you can have precision in cooking a particular dish. Another impressive function of its control panel is that it lights up at night or when light is insufficient to operate it. There is a clock and timer dial so that you can customize your time for your dish accordingly. You can conveniently alter these settings even while this device is operating, and it will not interrupt your cooking.

5. Warranty

This 1.6 cu ft over the range microwave offers a 1-year limited warranty from its date of purchase. Black and Decker will repair or replace the product if found any faults during the time of workmanship. This warranty service applied only for residential purposes and not for commercial purposes.

This warranty will not cover damages due to abuse, misuse, accidents, or repairs/installation done by unauthorized agents. It will also not apply to any accessories provided along with its main unit. Purchases of this machine have specific legal rights and other applications related to its warranty service, which may differ from state to state.


Specifications of Black + Decker Microwave Oven EM044KJN-P2

  • Manufacturer : Black+Decker
  • Item model number : EM044KJN-P2
  • Colour : Black
  • Product Dimensions : 15 x 29.9 x 16.4 inches
  • Item Weight : 55.1 pounds
  • Power Levels : 10
  • Cooking Power : 1000 watts
  • Capacity : 1.6 cu ft


what are the measurements of this Black Decker microwave EM044KJN-P2?

This Black and Decker microwave measures 15 x 29.9 x 16.4 inches (L x W x H) and weighs almost 55.1 pounds.

Does this EM044KJN-P2 microwave Black and Decker plug into the wall or is it hard wired?

The EM044KJN-P2 microwave Black and Decker plugs into the wall.

Does Black and Decker 1.6 microwave vent to the attic or does it have a charcoal filter?

This Black and Decker 1.6 microwave has two vent options one to the outside and one into the kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Coming to the end of our Black and Decker EM044KJN-P2 review we can conclude by saying that this 1.6 cu.ft. microwave seamlessly designed for a mini kitchen that does not have much counter space to keep other appliances. Its unit has a cooking power of 1000 watts and effectively saves up energy whenever required. Black and Decker have given a lot of thought to structuring the dial pad and the entire control panel of the appliance making it easy and quick to operate.

The 30-second mode in the microwave helps you cook meals quicker than ever. There are functions such as popcorn, reheat, baked potato, beverage, and much more for an accurate cooking process. The auto defrost mode installed in this over the range microwave very useful when defrosting ice-frozen food. This mode automatically senses the weight of the frozen food and automatically adjusts the time and temperature required to defrost it. This Black and Decker 1000 watt microwave certainly comes at a budget-friendly price which is under $250. This microwave home appliance will fit in beautifully in any remodeled kitchen.

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