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Best Over the Range Microwave Oven

Can we even imagine a world without microwaves? Where would we heat the frozen stuff we buy every day from stores, or how would we reheat pizza? It’s a tough world to think of, which is why you need the best microwave there is. Most of us now have modular kitchens, and we already get our microwaves in-built so hard we have to look for a microwave. But for those who want the location of the microwave would be right over their cooking range and not where it already is, you might want to look at some Top Rated Over the Range Microwave.

As the name suggests, over the range microwaves are the ones that are installed above a cooking range. Mostly its under range, but some people don’t have the space for that or want an additional one. That is precisely the situation that calls for buying a Low Profile Over The Range Microwave. They are just like any other microwaves you will see and are the same looking as well. The only difference is in their location, which is different than the built-in ones. Also, in built-in ones, all you will see is a clean edge of the door of the oven, while OTR microwaves are visible. 

Best Over the Range Microwave for Sale

Any brand that sells appliances will be selling microwaves for sure. You can even find microwaves from the same brand your cooking range is from, and it is possible to also match it up with the overall design of your kitchen. You have to be smart about exactly what you need from the Stainless Steel Over the Range Microwave and how you will use it. Otherwise, you will end up getting the wrong size. Its best to go through the OTR Microwave Reviews properly to get in insight.

Top 10 Over the Range Microwave Ovens Reviews 2020

Frigidaire FGMV176NTD 30" microwave Oven

Frigidaire FGMV176NTD 30inches Gallery Series Black Stainless Steel Over the Range Microwave image

Comfee EM720CPL-PM Countertop Microwave Oven

COMFEE EM720CPL-PM Pearl White Countertop Microwave Oven image

Magic Chef 1.6 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave

Magic Chef MCO160UW White Over the Range Microwave Oven image

You won’t see a more stylish Space Saver Over the Range Microwave than this, which will match up with your kitchen interiors like it is meant to be there. Along with its effortless design, you can clean it up effortlessly as well because of its smudge-proof built.

  • 9 power levels

  • Space wise rack

  • LED lighting

  • 30+ options

  • Sensor cooking

Practical has never looked stylish, which is what the brand says for this Top Rated Over the Range Microwave, and it is true. This affordable microwave is made of smudge-proof stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean up for you. The only effort you will be putting in is cooking in it. The beautiful finish it has is finger-print resistant as well. The much more comfortable and attractive part about it is its easy to clean interiors so you can wipe away any spills within seconds. It’s a smart microwave, so it adjusts its power levels and cooking settings based on what you are cooking. 

There are over 30 meal options for you to choose from, and it will do the rest of the job for you. There are one-touch buttons provided to use these options for cooking, and you can adjust the rack inside to make space for bigger items if needed. Big bowls and casseroles are no problem for the turntable too because it is designed to take at least that much weight. The LED light inside that stays on the entire time your food inside allows you to keep a check on your food as the food is visible from the glass door. 





Out of all the over the range microwave we have reviewed, this is the only Cheap Over the Range Microwave for Sale one you will see, and it doesn’t lack in any feature still, except for being a little smaller in size. Its perfect for smaller homes and people who have a restricted budget. 

  • Child safety lock

  • LED digital control panel

  • 11 power settings

  • Removable turntable

  • One touch cooking

In this Cheap Over the Range Microwave for Sale, you will find features for convenient one-touch cooking. You won’t have to do more than lifting a finger when using this microwave. Its smaller than most microwaves you will see, and its capacity is also less compared to others, but these aspects make it the perfect compact microwave. Not everyone wants a full-fledged big oven, and for them, this is the right choice. It is quite easy to operate, there are 11 power levels that you can adjust based on what you are cooking. 

These power levels are pre-defined for specific food items so that you can use that feature as well. There is a mute button also which can be used in case a baby is around, and you don’t want any noise. All these buttons are present on the large LED display, which also has a clock function and a kitchen timer. There is a unique eco mode as well where the LED display can be turned off, and you can save some electricity. It’s not just user friendly but eco friendly as well to some extent, so it’s very much recommended for smaller homes. 





A microwave of this size and price is hard to find, and one that is durable too is hard luck, but this Best magi chef microwave has it all for you. It will last you almost a lifetime if you use it judiciously, as mentioned in the over the range microwave reviews on it. 

  • 10 power levels

  • Built-in turntable

  • 6 pre-programmed modes

  • Hood light

  • 2 speed exhaust fans

Prepare a whole variety of food items with this Compact Over the Range Microwave as it makes things easier for you. It will quickly boil, reheat and defrost at ease due to its 1000 watts power support and the 10 power levels it has for varied dishes and food items. There are six pre-programmed auto-cook menus as well, which will help you cook particular food quickly. The auto-defrost is also very helpful here as it automatically sets the power level that is considered optimum for whatever you are cooking. 

You can cook freely and without worry with all these functions present to make work easier for you and the ample amount of space to let you cook in a large amount as well. The 12-inch glass turntable supports that with its weight capacity and size and its recessed so hindrance would be experienced by you. As you use the microwave, the grime will be accumulated, but Magic Chef has a solution for that as well. The charcoal filters which collect it are replaceable. There is proper care taken of fresh air by these filters and the 200-Cfm ventilation system combined. 





Its hard to find Best Over the Range Convection Microwave, which are quite powerful and that too at a reasonable price, but you can trust Breville to do that for you. This is an 1800-watt power oven with features that will blow your mind and help you cook quickly and easily. 

  • LCD display

  • 13 cooking functions

  • Super convection technology

  • Precision cooking

  • Element iQ

With super convection technology and a 2-speed convection fan, this Top Rated Over the Range Microwave will work better and quicker than any other over the range oven you will look at. With the two convection speeds, you will have more control over the heat, and even heat would go over the food, making the oven perfect for air frying as well. Its heating elements have an IQ of their own, which helps them provide heat where it is needed. Hence you can roast and dehydrate as well, which are functions you won’t usually find in a microwave.  

There won’t be a need for a separate air fryer or dehydrator if you have this smart oven in your kitchen. The interior space and capacity of the oven also support these features t allow you to cook even a turnkey if you want. The 1 cubic feet space is more than enough for cooking bigger meals like this. Above all that the microwave allows you to do, there are thirteen cooking functions as well, which have pre-defined power levels and temperature to help you cook perfectly. LCD will let you access all functions from the outside along with integrated oven light, which turns on with the oven. 





Most Conventional microwaves are quite heavy given they have heavy components installed inside them, but despite that, this microwave has a very lightweight design, which makes it easier for you to move it around if needed. There is no compromise on the quality, though, which is why it is the best OTR microwave. 

  • Inverter technology

  • Turbo defrost

  • Genius sensor

  • Smart cooking settings

  • 4 pre-set menu items

There isn’t just one feature that makes this one the perfect and Best Over the Range Microwave Convection Oven. With its lightweight design to its mighty motor, there is nothing not great about it. Most microwaves of the same range have a power of 1000 watts or less, but Panasonic is giving you 200 watts in this over the range microwave and that too for a much lesser price than most. Even cooking is what will be delivered through its seamless stream of cooking power as it will run continuously and adequately. The most attractive aspect of it is its inverter technology with turbo defrost. 

You can defrost anything you want much faster if you have this Panasonic microwave, while the inverter technology is the reason behind the seamless cooking power it delivers. Its not a standard microwave that you are encountering here, instead it is a smart one with smart settings for cooking. There are built-in genius sensors that adjust power level and speed according to the food inside the microwave. To make things easier, there are 144 pre-set programs as well for food items you will recognize easily. There’s another very special to keep the warm feature in it, which keeps your food warm, and you will hardly find this feature elsewhere. 





We all hate the sound of the Over the Range Microwave when food is cooking inside it. It happens because of the vents that turn on inside but this LG microwave has quite power ventilation which means no noise at all whenever you use it. 

  • 10 power levels

  • One touch setting

  • Auto defrost

  • Add time controls

  • Removable wire rack

LG has always made superior appliances just like this one, which is designed to stay low on the noise and stay low on energy as well. It has every essential function that one would wish for in an Over the Range Microwave, but you have much more as well. Its auto defrost is the most impressive feature it has, which does the job quickly and with no fuss at all. The sensor cooking has also been incorporated to sense the optimal temperature for the particular food you are cooking and cook it faster and better. 

There is a total of ten power levels that support the sensor cooking and help customize the speed and power for each food item differently. It is designed to save up on energy as well., while it keeps out the noise pollution from your house with the help of quite power vents. This best Over The Range Microwave still works perfectly and gives a strong performance in the kitchen. Even clean up is easy and quick because the interiors are all non-stick and stain-resistant.





We have already seen the smallest oven and a standard size as well, well now we have the biggest oven as well. Rare to find, but it is possible to get a 2 cubic feet oven from LG, like this. It’s the perfect Low Profile Over the Range Microwave for bigger homes where usually heavy meals are cooked.

  • 400 cfm venting system

  • Stainless steel built

  • Sensor cooking

  • One touch setting

  • Child lock

LG Low Profile Over the Range Microwave has cut is because of its high capacity. It is made of stainless steel grade, which is usually used in professional kitchens, and that allows you to clean up its interiors by merely wiping. The interiors are entirely resistant to stains and build up, so cleaning doesn’t have to be a huge mess and no need of involving chemicals or scrubbing at all. Its not just friendly to use, but it is eco-friendly as well. 

The display turns off after 5 minutes of not using the microwave, and the power usage immediately drops once this mode is switched on. If you use this feature regularly, there will be a lot of money you will be saving through the cut in your electric bill. Its better to use display when you are setting up any functions that the microwave has or setting up the timer for any food. Its all through one touch on display and can be done in a jiffy. 





One word that will describe this Space Saver Over the Range Microwave well is a convenience, and that is one factor that has been focused on while designing it. No other microwave you will find would be quicker and easier to operate than this.

  • 2 speed venting system

  • 2 fan speed settings

  • Non-stick interior

  • 10 cooking levels

  • 1-year warranty

If you are looking for a Space Saver Over the Range Microwave, which isn’t too techy but is as efficient as any other microwave, then this will please you well. It has very convenient cooking controls while operating it for doing even the simplest of things is easier than you can imagine. The specific cook feature is what you use the most, as it helps you set up the timer between one to six minutes. This time is for when you wish to do something that isn’t pre-programmed. For a function like defrosting, the power levels and timers are automatically present and pre-programmed to get the job done quickly.

This will give you optimal results with the touch of just a button on the display panel. On the same panel, there are settings for brightness, speed, and fan as well. The 300-cfm fan system keeps a check on the air inside, and you can monitor everything from outside as the light helps you see your food while it is inside. There is ample space to cook large turntable that has been accommodated in the design. Its quite easy to clean along with the rest of the non-stick interiors, and is removable as well if needed.





Sharp is an expensive brand, and so are its products like this one, which has the highest price out of all that we have provided Best Over the range reviews, but you won’t find a more modular and better-looking Stainless Steel Over the Range Microwave than this right here.

  • 11 power levels

  • Hidden control

  • Sensor cooking

  • Wave and open motion sensor

  • Touch glass control

This drawer style Stainless Steel Over the Range Microwave has a unique design that you will find with only limited brands. You had one-touch settings some time ago in microwaves, but Sharp has come with a new technology, which is the no-touch operation. No more touching the hot handle of the microwave as it opens with just a wave of the hand. A pure wave up and down near its motion sensor will open the microwave door very swiftly. With a gentle nudge, you can close the same door as it is designed to avoid all kinds of messy spills.

Even if kids or your pets walk by, they still won’t be able to open the microwave door because there is no handle, which makes this over the range microwave very safe for such houses. The glass panel where all the operation buttons are is also concealed well and can only be operated by an adult so, no one can alter the settings even if you are not there to check on your food continuously. Its design is the most attractive part because it fits well in any modern kitchen with its sleek black glass and stainless-steel design. It will complement other stainless-steel appliances very well.





Usually, you will find a 1-year limited warranty or maximum 5-year warranty attached to any Over the Range Microwave you will buy. But this one gives you a straight 10-year assurance with its warranty period. It might justify the hefty price to some extent.

  • Stainless steel built

  • 13-inch turntable

  • Built-in exhaust system

  • Hood light

  • Low and high racks

As we have already established, sharp Stainless Steel Over the Range Microwave doesn’t come cheap, but paying for them is entirely worth it because of what they offer. That is precisely why this microwave is our on our review list. Its not a standard microwave which you will use for just reheating, instead it will bake, broil, crisp, roast, and even brown for you. You will hardly find so many cooking functions accumulated in one right appliance. This is all possible because of the presence of a 4-way convection system that evenly heats food. From up and down and the three-way vents that keep a check on the air.

The two colors, seven-digit, interactive display, lets you play with all the functions while cooking and adjust the easy sensor and smart settings as well. No one would expect any less from sharp, so its not too surprising to find a built-in exhaust system in it along with a hood light, powerful fan, and adjustable racks. You can cook bigger meals as well because the racks can be moved, and the 1.1 cubic feet capacity allows for it. This is the reason this convection oven is very successful, even if it is a little pricey.





Most microwaves from good appliance brands are good enough, but buying the best one out of that means getting one that will fit perfectly in your kitchen. Kitchens are a tricky thing, and you will be using this microwave every day, so you should what exactly you wish to buy. You should know what size will fit in your kitchen and what is the look that will go with the rest of the appliances. If you are buying an over the range microwave, it means you might be lacking space otherwise, so be very careful of the size. Rest depends on how much and what will be the use that it will be put, which will determine the best choice for you. 

We have already seen ten different Top Rated Over the Range Microwave, which has their unique features, but what you get in this Panasonic microwave oven is unmatchable by any of those. Its every feature combined offers you a great durable microwave, which will last you long, hence making it the best one out of all. The wattage that it has is the most highlight feature because only a few costlier microwaves have that, hardly any of the same range. Other features can’t be subsided as well, like its amazing pre-set functions that make cooking much more comfortable. Above all, the price is affordable, and the second cheapest out of all the reviewed microwaves. 

Most brands will give you similar features only like we have seen so many microwaves with 1000 wattage, but what sets each one aside is what these brands are good at individually, and that is precisely what will help you decide which brand is perfect for you to shop from.

GE is a very affordable brand for buying microwaves. Its products are not very cheap as well but offer just enough that one would need. You won’t find a wide variety, though, but if you wish for a durable product, then GE Microwave is worth buying. 

Samsung is a well-established brand, no matter what appliance it is. If we look at its over the range microwaves, their highlighting feature will be their power wattage. Even for a mid-range product, you will get right wattage. So, if you want a powerful and affordable one, then Samsung Microwave is perfect choice for you. 

Sharp is the costliest brand of microwaves, but their designs are luxurious and very advanced as well. From this brand, you can buy microwaves with technology that hasn’t even been invented by others, but you ought to have a very flexible budget. 

The benefit of buying a Kenmore microwave is that they will always be in your budget. The products are very well priced and are lightweight as well. All of their microwaves are made of excellent stainless steel so you can expect good quality as well. 

The wattage of any microwave is what will tell you how powerful it is how much power it will require to run correctly. Having a right wattage is a benefit, but if a microwave is using that much power, then it should save some as well.

The capacity of a microwave is measured in cubic feet, which is the volume of the space inside it. This will tell you how much you will be able to put in at one go. A bigger oven isn’t always needed. This particular requirement will depend on your use and the space you have. The size of the microwave will also increase with its capacity. 

You will be cooking in Over the range microwave, so its evident that things will spill, and you will have to clean it up. Look for the ones that have provisions for cleaning, like non-stick interiors, because they will be easier to clean, which will make things convenient for you. 

Any microwave should have different power levels for various food items. Every food would not require the same kind of heat, which is why you should look for maximum power levels. Having power levels will lessen the effort on your side while the microwave does its job. 

There are individual cooking settings present in every microwave for specific food items. These settings, when on, automatically cook the food how it should be without your assistance. You will cook with ease if you microwave has these settings. 

We usually buy expensive appliances and then its hard to catch up on their warranty. Its best to not make a mistake with this feature mainly because with a right product even if you need support and assurance from the brand. Products with a good warranty are also easily trusted. 

Just like our bedrooms or living rooms, the kitchen is a prominent spot in the house, and most of us wish to keep it clean and have it well designed. Since appliances are a significant factor that defines that design, you would want something that looks good and blends well. Having color options and configuration options is what you should be looking for in your over the range microwave. 

OTR microwaves have a unique hood system where they combine the cooking aspect with the ventilation aspect. They control the smoke as well as do the cooking function, as well. So, you would want a unit that moves air faster and better because that means better ventilation. Since you can’t put in a hood, this feature should be highly effective. 

The control panel is what you would relate to the convenience of using a microwave since it is an integrated part of it. It usually is the first thing to go down in a microwave, so look for a microwave that has an easy to use and a durable control panel. It is not as easy to repair as well. 

When you are using an electrical appliance, safety is your prime concern. You can never know what could go wrong. Having a child safety lock is essential in any microwave, that’s why. OTR microwaves are still hard to reach, but having more safety options does not harm anyone, sooner eliminates it. 

This is a feature that most people prefer to have, but not all OTR microwaves have it. You should look for a microwave with interior lighting depending on how important it is to you. It does make cooking convenient, so its best to have it. 

Sensor cooking is like an intelligent system that helps determine the over the range microwave how much a food item needs to be cooked. It concludes that on its own if it has sensor cooking and sensor heating. In theory, it is beneficial for people who are newbies with using a microwave. 

Each over the range microwave you will see is designed according to our kitchens, and you can guess what you need through the capacity. Its mainly what they are measured by to make sure each of them fits perfectly in the kitchen. This is why you will find a wide variety of capacities, and the size will differ accordingly. 

  • 1.4 cubic feet

Width: 21” – 30”

Height: 12” – 17”

Depth: 15” – 17”

  • 1.5 cubic feet

Width: 23” – 30”

Height: 14” – 17”

Depth: 15” – 16”

  • 1.7 cubic feet

Width: 29” – 30”

Height: 16” – 17”

Depth: 15” – 17”

  • 1.8 cubic feet

Width: 30”

Height: 16” – 17”

Depth: 15” – 16”

  • 2 cubic feet

Width: 24” – 30”

Height: 13” – 17”

Depth: 15” – 19”

Over the range, microwaves with basic features will cost you around $100 to $500. If any OTR microwave is priced more, then it will surely have more than just basic features. The brand will also affect the price a lot. Even if it is a fundamental design, you should be ready to spend a minimum of $100 on your new microwave. Its best you know what you will get for different price brackets.


This will include mostly inexpensive units and also the basic ones. With microwaves, the lesser your budget is, the lesser features will be there in your microwave. Still, you will be able to find one that will fit your budget. The best features that you will get are dishwasher safe turntable, non-stick interior, and a 30-minute timer. It is hard to find more features in this range, but some brands do give the extra features, its hard to trust their quality, though. 


Anything above $250 will get you only add ons and technologically advanced design. Most modular and sleek over the range microwave are priced under the same range. A larger capacity, convection technology, sensor cooking, smartphone compatibility, automatic timer, etc. is what you can expect out of over the range microwaves of the same range. 

$500 and above

The most expensive brand has its OTR microwaves priced at a price higher than $500, as we have also seen in the microwaves we have reviewed. Sharp is one of those brands, and you should be buying one such microwave only when you have a highly modular kitchen, and you need the microwave to blend well with the interiors. Most of these microwaves have a sleek design, which is highly advanced technology-wise as well. 


Whenever you buy a Best Over the range microwave, its best to take assistance from a professional, but its also not a job that you can’t do by yourself if you follow a few simple steps. 

  • Read the instruction manual carefully before you do anything else and set up all the parts before you. 
  • Next, make sure the power is off and that you have an outlet for the power wire of the microwave. 
  • Determining the ventilation direction is important because there will be a lot of heat generation when used. 
  • Now, set the microwave in position and make sure its screwed well, and all the parts have been placed carefully. After this, you can check and see if the microwave turns on. 

Looking at how they are placed, one would think that both the OTR microwave and built-in microwave are the same. They both look like they have been placed inside a cabinet, but their functioning is different, and as it is visible, their location also differs a lot. 

Over the range, the microwave is installed right above your cooking range, in place of the hood. They have a dual function; they will do the normal cooking functions for you and eliminate smoke as well through their built-in ventilation system. You will see them in small kitchens. 

As for the built-in microwaves, you will see them installed in a cabinet or a wall. They are like the Conventional microwaves and are designed with configurations for easy installation inside a cabinet. You will mostly see them in highly modular kitchens where convenience is the priority. You need to have enough cabinet space to install a built-in unit. They are best suited for bigger kitchens.

Any appliance that you buy will last long only if you use it carefully and sensibly. Careless use will only result in you buying a new unit very soon. Too much usage is understandable, but that also needs sensible use attached to it. With proper use, though, any microwave will last you a minimum of ten years easily. In most homes, they are usually used for heating food, so they can easily be supported for ten years by the microwave. If you take good care, though, it will last you even longer. 

This is where warranty coverage also comes in very handy. A manufacturing defect can be replaced by the brand you bought the over the range microwave from, or a minor defect can be repaired with no charge at all. Its best to have a more extended warranty period because you will feel secure for a more extended period. Some microwaves that cost a fortune break down in a few days so that’s the case where it will be beneficial. Otherwise, it is best to keep a regular check on the microwave for it to last longer. 


How much distance should there be between the range and the OTR microwave?

The height at which the OTR microwave should amount is 13"-16" above the range. It can be almost as equal as the height of your backsplash. 

How safe is it to put a microwave above an electric range?

If you choose the right microwave, it is perfectly safe to put one over an electric range. Not all microwaves are designed for this, though.

Can an OTR microwave be used on the counter?

They are not approved for this use, and you won't get a stable surface as well, so better not sit them on the counter. 

We all have microwaves now, and most microwaves that are made to be kept on the counter would suit any kitchen. Although, few microwaves are not meant to be held on the kitchen counter, like the over the range microwave we have been reviewing. They give you the convenience of keeping the microwave like you would place one in a cabinet. This is usually useful when you have a small kitchen. OTR microwaves sit above your oven and don’t take up counter space like the Conventional microwaves we see. So Happy Buying.

Best Over the Range Microwave Reviews